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Infiniti, a young Italian brand founded in 2008, embodies a philosophy rooted in creativity, technological advancement, and design thinking

At the recent Salone del Mobile.Milano, at Rho Fiera, Infiniti showcased its latest innovations. These design pieces demonstrate a noteworthy focus on users, skillfully combining functionality and aesthetics, exemplifying the brand’s dedication to creating designs that cater to the needs and desires of their discerning clientele.

From the beginning, Infiniti has believed that design should be a shared value, to be enjoyed in good company. This familiar concept extends to urban, public, and professional communities with a recognizable touch, practicality, and elegance. The result is furniture that is meant to be used, shared, and recommended.

GT01 chair by Gio Tirotto

Similar to the Bauhaus movement, which prioritized culture and technology in its design philosophy, this chair follows a thoughtful approach with distinct thematic layers. A significant focus is placed on material research, with aluminum and oak veneered plywood being carefully chosen for their recyclability, ease of disassembly, and potential for restoration over time.

The rational design approach yields a universal and versatile silhouette, making GT01 suitable for various settings, including living spaces and offices, be it private or public. Its stackability further enhances its adaptability. By skillfully embracing the principle of subtraction, GT01 achieves a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics, resulting in a lightweight, minimalist, and timeless design.

GT01 chair by Gio Tirotto - © Infiniti
GT01 chair by Gio Tirotto – © Infiniti

SKOL chair by Needs studio

Its distinctive shapes and timeless delicate structure evoke images of school chairs and desks, symbolizing the formative years of childhood and adolescence. However, Skol transcends its educational origins while preserving the comforting and evocative sensations that guided the creative vision of Needs Studio.

The overall aesthetic simplicity is achieved through a 25mm round steel tube frame, contrasting beautifully with meticulously designed details. Skol offers versatility with options for armrests or armrest-free configurations.

SKOL chair by Needs studio
SKOL chair by Needs studio – © Infiniti

KAI table by Formidable studio

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese bow, the Kai table, designed by Formidable studio for the brand, encapsulates the essence of Kyudo art. It serves as a symbol of gathering and connection, acting as a bridge that brings people together.

The graceful and curvaceous lines of the painted elliptical steel tube legs pay homage to the bow’s beauty, while the sturdy and square lines of the tabletop symbolize the strength and stability of human relationships. With its contemporary yet timeless design, Kai seamlessly blends into various environments, serving as a link between the past and the present, tradition and innovation.

KAI table by Formidable studio - © Infiniti
KAI table by Formidable studio – © Infiniti

WAFFLE chair and sofa by Favaretto&Partners

The Waffle seating system, designed by Favaretto&Partners, is characterized by its remarkable modularity, achieved through its square forms. These versatile pieces can be combined with other chairs and sofas from the same collection, allowing for endless compositional possibilities.

To enhance functionality and offer more design choices, additional accessories and complements are integrated to ensure the utmost comfort during the waiting experience.

WAFFLE chair and sofa by Favaretto&Partners
WAFFLE chair and sofa by Favaretto&Partners – © Infiniti


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