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Meet Walky – Your New Favorite Chair With Feet

​​Design VA puts a whimsical spin on your ordinary wooden bistro furniture.


An experience like no other, New York-based multidisciplinary studio Design VA crafts ‘Walky’ – a playful reinterpretation of a bistro chair that seamlessly mirrors the activity of social spaces and instills a sense of community.

With movement being an essential component of life, the pandemic exposed it as a critical void that design must incorporate into objects.

Inspired by streets and cafés across the globe – Walky’s goal is to create unique user experiences inspired by humans through a mélange of stories that arise from the interplay of this chair with diverse scenarios.

© Design VA

“The need for having pieces that evoke movement made us think about an approach to bring life to spaces by creating a blend between furniture and creatures.

For this – we wanted to freeze the moment when a person is walking and translate that very motion to a regular chair by giving it legs with feet” says Armando Mora Medina and Viviane Hernandez, founders Design VA.

Walky chair by Design VA
© Design VA

Hand-made with solid hardwood – this chair features minimalistic soft shapes that resemble angled human legs wearing shoes connected to a bent structural and laminated spine that holds the rest of the elements together.

“Our aim was to design a chair that naturally speaks to people. Material wise – the shoes were the most fun factor to play with!” they add.

Giving the chair a personality suitable for any environment, they can be hand-turned from either natural or dyed wood and for a more luxe feel – machined and polished with beautiful metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or brass. 

Walky chair by Design VA
© Design VA

© Design VA


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