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LAYER introduces Joyn, a greener way, near-future concept to travel

Across the world, ridesharing is exploding in popularity, due to factors such as increasing urbanization, rising traffic congestion and a lower rate of car ownership amongst millennials and gen z

Experience design agency LAYER presents Joyn, a near-future concept for an autonomous ride-sharing platform rewarding sustainable behaviors and desirable form of transport.

In the past decade, the industry – which encompasses automotive options, such as cabs, Uber and Lyft, as well as “micro-mobility” solutions, such as bicycle and scooter sharing services – has grown to an estimated global value of US$61.3 billion and it is expected to grow to $218 billion by 2025.

The industry, however, is facing a number of challenges – such as safety, accountability, and sustainability.

Joyn seating design by LAYER
Joyn by LAYER

JOYN, a possible future

Benjamin Hubert’s design takes its name from the seamless “joining” together of business-class comfort and road travel convenience and is inspired by the sharing economy where users can join the service.

As current rideshare platforms face new challenges – such as the recent loss of Uber’s license to operate in London – Joyn offers users a more private, safer and more eco-friendly alternative to existing rideshares, as well as private vehicles, taxis and other public transport.

LAYER's design for Joyn can connect to an app
Joyn by LAYER

It also presents a vision for ridesharing based on the continuing market growth of autonomous, self-driving vehicles. The app is not only a simple and intuitive way to book a ride but also an exciting and engaging social network that creates a community to drive environmental action.

After conducting extensive research into this thriving industry, LAYER identified a gap in the market for a more desirable ridesharing platform that addresses issues of privacy and security, as well as the environmental benefits of multiple passengers sharing one vehicle.

One of the main drivers behind the conceptual project was a desire to make ridesharing – which is a more sustainable way of traveling by car – a more enjoyable and attractive experience for all users, alleviating the “eco-guilt” of booking single passenger rides.

Joyn gif by LAYER
Joyn by LAYER

Joyn offers passengers a more private and secure alternative to public transport and existing rideshare vehicles.

Passengers use the Joyn app to locate nearby vehicles, and can instantly see what seats and storage space is available. The modular seat pairs have been designed to maximize privacy and the interior takes its design cues from residential interiors, rather than traditional transport design.

The seatbacks feature stowable tables with smart tech provisions, including charging ports and folding tablet stands to accommodate various devices. The exterior of the vehicle has been conceived as a smart glass “bubble”.

LAYER joyn
Joyn by LAYER

The modular nature of the “plug and play” seat pairs enables vehicles to have different configurations.

The Joyn app is not only a simple and intuitive way to book a ride but also an exciting and engaging social network that rewards positive behaviors and creates a community to drive environmental action.


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