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Kara Pure turns moisture in the air into clean drinking water

The innovative air-to-water filtration system also functions as an air purifier and a dehumidifier, able to produce clean water from even the most polluted air.

Growing up in a town where the drinking water was contaminated by a strain of bacteria, Kara Water founder Cody Sooden was inspired to find a way of bringing clean, safe, and innovative water technology to everyone, so he developed Kara Pure.

The water filter, which doubles as a dispenser, uses a desiccant, a hygroscopic substance that works as a drying agent, to capture the moisture in the air over time. Next, the liquid goes through a multi-stage purification system where it is sterilized and separated into its acidic and alkaline parts with a built-in ionizer and an ultraviolet light to produce a 9.2+ pH antioxidant-alkaline water.

Finally, the liquid is enriched with 7 essential natural minerals — calcium magnesium, lithium, zinc, selenium, strontium, and metasilicic acid — to give a powerful boost to your health and immune system. 

The device looks like a traditional water dispenser, except the Kara Pure feels a little more modern—a silver tower with a void in the center for accessing the dispenser gives it a contemporary, architectural feel.

The system can dispense up to 10 litres (2.5 gallons) of the valuable liquid per day, which we guess also depends on the level of humidity in the air.

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The power of Kara Pure lies in its multi-functionality

The innovation here lies in Kara Pure’s technology and its use of a desiccant, which filters the water in the air like volcanic rock or silica gel. This is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional water-capture devices that use refrigerants to condense atmospheric moisture and turn vapor into water droplets, an energy-intensive process, which is much noisier too.

Moreover, Kara Pure also dehumidifies and purifies air, serving multiple purposes at the same time—it effectively removes the excess water from the environment and prevents the buildup of mold, which can lead to damage and expensive repairs, and even respiratory problems. The Kara Pure project is still in its crowdfunding stage with plans to start mass production in February 2022.

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