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An artistic gallery atmosphere of great emotional impact

A path of research and experimentation in a gallery setting, to explore the innovative and functional vision of Kartell by Laufen

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the two creative masterminds of Kartell by Laufen, continue the phase of experimentation and exploration of the unique bathroom project, presenting an engaging conceptual exercise on washbasins that combines design and research at Milano Design Week.

The conceptual exercise, based on the established partnership between the iconic design of Kartell and the innovative quality of Laufen, is a voyage of evocative ideas, in which East meets West.

Kartell by Laufen _ Milan Design Week

A sort of box, completely in orange, in tribute to the tone that best represents the genesis of the project. This temporary exhibit takes form in the Kartell by Laufen showroom in Via Pontaccio, in a game of color and architectural design that narrates the cultural essence, the creative and sensual language of Kartell by Laufen.

A study of simple and traditional forms, and new and amusing silhouettes unfold in an exercise of research and study.

A conceptual approach towards objects, starting with a basic idea before delving deeper into progressively more refined profiles.

A voyage that becomes reality through the use of the sophisticated material SaphirKeramik, the high-performance ceramic from Laufen that makes it possible to produce items that are as thin as blades, light and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Kartell by Laufen _ Milan Design Week

Once again the Kartell by Laufen flagship store will be enhanced to generate a truly unique atmosphere, becoming a space of expression in every detail created by the Italian design duo, carefully studied to offer a wide range of personalized solutions.

A new interpretation of the needs of modern everyday life

It’s where the relationship with the domestic environment and the bathroom, in particular, focuses on aspects linked not only to the functional dimension but also most importantly to an emotional sphere of the rediscovery of ourselves – of wellness and care for the body.


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