Koto’s garden cabin features a carbon-capturing exterior

Carbon dioxide is captured in the charred timber fabric of the building and actively removed from the atmosphere.

The london-based architectural and design studio Koto has partnered with garden designer Tony Woods from Garden Club London to create a tranquil and sensory indoor and outdoor space to relax and unwind at the 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The event will take place from 23rd May until 28th May where Koto and Garden Club London will unveil the project, called A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons. 

“We have created a small, beautiful and multi functional space that serves as a place to meditate, a contemplative room, a space to sit and work, an immersive space to connect with the surrounding nature; a garden sanctuary,” says the studio.

Koto Garden Club London
© Koto

Throughout the pandemic we have seen how people around the world have turned to nature – it has become our sanctuary.

With more people working from home, there is an increased desire for more space, especially garden space.

‘A Sanctuary by Hamptons’ reflects the desire to create a space that incorporates the outside, that transforms the garden into an outside room. 

Tony and his team at Garden Club London have transformed a traditional garden plot into a serene, tranquil setting that works in harmony with Koto’s carbon-neutral garden cabin. 

Koto Garden Club London
© Koto

Hello Wood has designed the Workstation Cabin as a perfect solution to keep work life and home life apart when you no longer work at the office: a home office pod for your garden.

The structure assumes an elegant and functional sculptural geometric form with large glazing that frames immersive views of the garden.

Crafted from timber, the structure is entirely natural: the charred timber exterior (shou-sugi-ban) draws from Japanese design influence and the ancient Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi, focused on accepting the transient nature of life and the beauty in imperfection. 

The tactility continues with the rich interior colour palette, chosen to elevate the architectural space and complement the outdoor surroundings whilst adding atmosphere.

Koto Garden Club London
© Koto

The St Leo plaster paint allows for a raw depth to the interiors, giving an imperfect texture to the walls.

The cabin is furnished with curated pieces from Menu AS, minimal crafted Scandinavian furniture, defining how the space can be used.

The furniture is accompanied by a wood-burning stove by Morsoe.

Hello Wood’s Wauhaus viewing cabin is a minimalist retreat: the canopy-level “treehouse” features understated interiors that draw the eye out towards the impressive landscape.

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