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A refreshing spin on the visual identity of vintage buses infused with one-of-a-kind technology

Andrey Avgust creates LAZ Electric Bus – inspired by the vintage model of LAZ 695-N produced in the late 1970’s.

Deeply inspired by the vintage model of LAZ 695-N which was produced in the late 1970’s, Belarus-based designer Andrey Avgust brilliantly creates ‘LAZ Electric Bus’ – a conceptual visual identity of the old buses that skilfully brings out new technology to a whole new level.

“LAZ is an Ukrainian vehicle factory located in Lviv. I wanted to give it a refreshing new spin and this is how the LAZ Electric Bus was born” says Avgust.

9.5m long with its alluring sleek aesthetic – this futuristic bus can effortlessly accommodate 25 seated as well as upto 60 standing passengers and beautifully features undeniably comfortable leather seats for all.

© Andrey Avgust

Its low-floor minimalistic construction is possible by the electric portal axle which seamlessly integrates electric motors into the wheel heads. 

The battery is located under the floor and the driver’s workplace comprises a transformable dashboard with – the main screen and two displays that replaces the mirrors. 

This innovative and eclectic bus’s dashboard display, freely changes its angle as well as position and is additionally designed with further analog buttons attached to the back of the screen which are programmable modular controls. 

“For a wide variety of various functions including adjusting the air conditioner, opening the bus doors and so on – the driver can set as well as customize the buttons” Avgust adds. 

LAZ electric bus by Andrey Avgust
© Andrey Avgust
LAZ electric bus by Andrey Avgust
© Andrey Avgust


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