Working in nature is no longer a dream with the meet StudyPod by Livit

Livit has created a detached home office for your yard, no more distractions, pure focus and closeness to nature.

People love working from home especially since Covid-19. But as we know, having family around you while working can create productivity issues. Luckily, Livit has now created a stylish “work from home solution”. Studypod is designed to be a detached home office so that you can truly focus and get inspired by the nature around you. - house
StudyPod is the a detached home office solution

High end prefab design

Studypod is delivered key ready, with or without a detachable desk, featuring a zen minimalist design. With just the right amount of space, it’s small enough to fit in most places, and with the large black tint glass in front it’s like working outside but being sheltered.

A room for inspiration

With a detachable desk, you can use the Studypod for other purposes like a yoga room, annex or hobbies. With internal dimensions of a little over 2 x 1.8 meters, you can even fit a king-size bed making a special guest room or hangout for the kids. - Close up
StudyPod features a zen minimalist design with large black tint glass in front

Livit experience products

Known for the Birdbox adventure cabin, Livit is now expanding its product line with the Studypod. “Our goal at Livit is to create amazing experiences for people, and the Studypod is something we think can truly add value to people’s everyday lives, by giving them breathing space without distractions, where they can focus and get close to nature” – Designer Torstein Aa.

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It’s small enough to fit in most places depending on its destination of use

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