Skip the tangle with the minimal jump-rope from Nendo

Reel jump rope by world-renowned design studio Nendo is a compact and aesthetically minimal skipping rope designed to solve the string entanglement problem

When putting away skipping rope they often get tangled”: starting from this challenge, the Japanese design studio Nendo has designed an unusual yet wonderfully practical jump rope.

Are you familiar with Murphy’s law? “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong”: a slice of bread always falls on the buttered side, if you lose something you’ll find it only after you bought it again, Photoshop crashes only when you have finished editing, and so on.

Similarly, every thread that can get twisted, will get twisted.

The jump-rope by Nendo is characterized by minimal design
Reel jump rope by Nendo has a minimal and functional design

Reel jump rope is a compact and easy-to-carry skipping rope design inspired by Obomo Tv, a Japanese children’s tv program where experts from various fields face ideas by “free-thinking” children and then try to evolve such concepts into tangible projects.

Joined together into a single object by fitting the right and left handles, this design by Nendo has a soft minimalist aesthetic available in three monochrome colors.

 Reel jump-rope by Nendo is extremely handy, compact and easy to carry
Reel jump-rope by Nendo is handy and compact

Handles have the shape of an easy-to-grasp and a non-slip square ring, which serves as slim storage for the string.

This compact design makes it easy to be carried without the rope accidentally unrolling.

The Reel jump-rope by Nendo has the handles that are in shape of an easy to grasp and a non-slip square ring

Opening can be easily done by splitting up the two handles: the rope then falls out and untangles autonomously without the users’ intervention and it is immediately ready to be jumped with.

When the fun is over, the string can be effortlessly wound up like a yo-yo and the Reel jump rope can be readily stored waiting for the next use.


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