Preserving Japanese tradition through this piece of art

Crafted by StudioYO with the freedom of interpretation – Newtons are your everyday magnetic objects.

Founders Yoh and Kyoko Mizoguchi of Japan-based StudioYO launch ‘Newtons’ – warm wooden products with a magnetic force utilized as everyday tools from games to musical instruments or related objects, left to one’s imagination. 

Born from the fascinating tradition of Shizuoka turnery and exploiting its distinct specialization in the machining of delicate articles – craftsman Masaki Kishimoto used his design and technical skills to place neodymium magnets inside these minimalistic and modular products.  

Often utilized to construct soup bowls, this fine art has also been used for smaller purposes such as – architectural ornamentation, furniture knobs and doll tools. 

Newtons by studioYO
© studioYO

Restoring a sense of awareness while respecting the work of their predecessors – “Unfortunately, the use of turned objects is declining owing to the availability of cheap mass-produced items.

Newtons is created to protect, pass on and evolve the presence of this beautiful tradition” says Mizoguchi. 

Although several products use magnets, their surfaces need to be flat for adsorption and this is where the innovation of Newtons comes in – with its adsorption surface that has been brilliantly transformed into a perfect curve. 

Therefore, fluctuation occurs and its surface does not remain stable while adsorbing with the exact appropriate strength. 

This fluctuating characteristic makes these objects seem like they are alive – creating a mild sense of discomfort with regard to space. 

“Newtons is a piece of everyday art. Within the order created by the north and south poles of the magnets – coincidence and necessity create a free form” Mizoguchi adds. 

Newtons by studioYO
© studioYO
© studioYO


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