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You’ve got a green thumb? The Odd Pot makes observing plants fun

Follow your plant’s exciting growing journey with the Odd Pot – a unique concept product proposed by Adrian Min

Picture this: You’ve got a green thumb and a passion for all things quirky and fun. In this case, you’re most likely unsatisfied with plain old planters. Well, Seoul-based designer Adrian Min has an excellent solution. He’s created the Odd Pot planter series, which features a unique concept product that allows plant owners to admire their little green friends up close and personal.

Odd Pot planter series by Adrian Min (2)
© Odd Pot planter series by Adrian Min

Every plant grower knows how important a pot is. Choosing the right planter can be the difference between thriving greenery and a sad, wilted mess. Not all pots are created equal – some will make your plants grow like crazy, while others will leave them gasping for air. With Adrian Min’s creation, you don’t have to settle for style or function. You can have both!

The Odd Pot includes interchanging transparent parts with different patterns. As can be seen in Adrian Min‘s renderings, the user can swap them to observe their plants in three ways.

© Odd Pot planter series by Adrian Min

The fascinating product could be especially attractive to young plant enthusiasts since it allows them to learn more about them in a non-complicated manner.

The Odd Pot concept is relatively small in size, likely intended for housing small to medium-sized plants. In the renderings, you can see the wide variety of transparencies available in a neat and organized way. Who knew looking at plants could be so interesting? 

© Odd Pot planter series by Adrian Min

End notes

Indoor plants are not just pretty decor, they’re a powerhouse of benefits! Studies have shown that these little green companions can do wonders for our well-being and boost our creativity. Who doesn’t want that?

© Odd Pot planter series by Adrian Min

If you’re ready to take your green thumb journey to the next level, the Odd Pot has a playful and artistic aesthetic that would make a great addition to any plant lover’s collection.

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