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This e-bike of your dreams makes urban commute effortless

LAYER designs Pendler – a compact yet powerful e-bike that’s inclusive, convenient and easy to store.

Benjamin Hubert’s creative agency LAYER innovatively designs ‘Pendler’ – a compact yet powerful e-bike that’s inclusive, convenient and easy to store.

“Pendler pairs high-performance technology with a finely crafted appealing aesthetic to create a new vision that aligns not only with a user’s performance needs for efficient travel, but also their lifestyle aspirations” says Benjamin Hubert.

Its one-of-a-kind name comes from the Danish word for “commuting” which is a nod to the tradition of cycling in Denmark.

Along with the material palette celebrating natural organic materials, this minimalistic product’s symmetrical step-through U-shaped frame creates a signature appearance.


The lack of a top tube allows riders to ‘step through’ the frame and the saddle as well as handlebar height can be adjusted for comfort – making it ideal for a wide demographic with varying ranges of mobility. 

Its wheelbase, relatively small 20-inch wheels, folding pedals and 90-degree turning handles allow for easy storage and travel on public transport, reducing complexities.

This eclectic object also comes with several fascinating modular, detachable accessories enabling one to carry shopping and luggage, as well as a phone dock that offers safe and easy access to devices while riding. 

The extraordinary frame is skillfully constructed from standard circular steel tubing with die-cast aluminum mounts for the baskets, which have a beautifully organic, fluid expression. 

This is seamlessly paired with leather details on the saddle, handles and the timber slats of the basket bringing a familiar sense of warmth.

Additionally, integrated indicator lights on the handlebars, rear and front of the frame – are brilliantly powered by the inbuilt battery.

Pendler by LAYER


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