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Modern minimalism defines this stylish pet-friendly furniture

Product designer Onurhan Demir has created a collection of premium furniture items for your cats and dogs, called Weelywally.

Weelywally combines only the finest materials, including natural wood with softened edges and coated in pet-friendly varnish, stainless lightweight aluminium, and 100% cotton fabrics.

It’s a strategic palette that makes the entire collection completely sage for your pets, devoid of sharp edges and toxic elements. 

Pet furniture by Weelywally
© Wien by Weelywally

But this pet furniture collection also considers humans.

Oslo, for example, is a pet bed with a cute house-shaped entrance that doubles as a handy side table that can accommodate books, lamps and magazines.

Pet furniture by Weelywally
© Oslo by Weelywally

Meanwhile, the Odense mini sofa offers a premium place for your pet to rest and recuperate. It’s crafted from odourless wood and ample seating filled with fibre ball filling. 

© Odense by Weelywally

Last but not least (there is an entire collection of mini houses to explore with cottage-like structures and slanted roofs), is Toscana, a simple food feeder that’s suitable for dogs as well as cats available in a variety of sizes crafted from walnut wood.

© Toscana by Weelywally

Weelywally pet furniture offers a safe space for pets

Demir‘s use of natural materials is a world away from the often synthetic pet beds, which can contain toxic components that can harm our furry friends.

Instead, the designer has built upon the house-like concept by creating a much safer space for pets to lay their heads.

We particularly like the way some of the designers are slotted together, which hints at an extremely easy construction. 

Pet furniture by Weelywally
© Wien by Weelywally


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