An approach defined by logic, applied across various fields of design

VOSDING’s design philosophy ensures feasibility by deeply understanding production processes, manufacturer capabilities, and client goals.

Peter Otto Vosding is a name synonymous with innovative industrial design. From creating intricate furniture and lighting solutions to collaborating on technical devices, his work reflects a deep commitment to both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Peter’s story began in earnest with a transformative experience at Milan Design Week, which solidified his decision to establish his own design office. This pivotal moment led to his debut at SaloneSatellite 2017, setting the stage for numerous collaborations with both established companies and emerging startups. His design philosophy draws inspiration from everyday life, art, and the natural world, with a particular admiration for designers like Jasper Morrison and studios such as Note Design.

Spielbein chair (sketches)

We asked him a few questions to directly discover his approach to design and his philosophy. As we know, every design studio is defined, first and foremost, not just by its skills but by the vision of its founders. Enjoy the read!

Who is Peter Otto Vosding? What sparked the beginning of your journey in design?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“I am an Industrial Designer based in Cologne, Germany. With my office VOSDING Industrial Design I work in different fields of product design from furniture, lighting and home accessories to toothbrushes and technical devices. I like to collaborate with established companies as well as start ups and other new initiatives.

Spielbein chair by VOSDING Industrial Design
Spielbein chair

After studying industrial design in Darmstadt and product design and process development in Cologne, I decided to directly start with my own office. The idea has grown for some time but my first visit to Milan design week definitely influenced the decision to start right away. So I applied for participating in SaloneSatellite 2017 and was lucky enough to get the chance to exhibit my work there. From that first public appearance, VOSDING Industrial Design started to design, showcase, connect and collaborate.”

Who are the designers or architects that inspire or influence you? Besides the design realm, what other areas or sources spark your creativity?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“Jasper Morrison for his decent and straightforward design philosophy, Note Design Studio for the overall concept, Sebastian Herkner for his business strategy and openness towards young designers, and most importantly other young designers around me that tend to have the most interesting approaches to products and projects.

Bench 40797 for Stuhlfabrik Schnieder (sketches)

Everyday life is most important since I oftentimes come up with special ideas while doing something ordinary… so I keep my eyes open and mind working while being in nature (or seeing nature leaving its traces in the city), visiting people, stores, places and encountering personal or ancient products and solutions. And if I need an inspirational extra boost, I expose myself to art and movies.”

If you did not do what you actually do, what else would you do? Why?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“I would work as landscape gardener. Because this is a job that takes place outside and still has a creative part. Moreover you get things done in this job and always have a beautiful result… just like product design but with the benefit of being outdoors oftentimes. I had a collection of cactuses as a child, a pond and an aquarium and always liked to work in the garden. Recently I reactivated the hobby of aquaristics for the possibility to shape this little under water world.”

Bench 40797 for Stuhlfabrik Schnieder by VOSDING Industrial Design (2)
Bench 40797 for Stuhlfabrik Schnieder

Could you share the story of your first client? How did they come to work with you, and what was the nature of the project?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“The very first collaboration was with a small Cologne based leather manufacturer called Gö Ledermanufaktur. I designed a special leather case for my father (who got three special pens for his job anniversary) and wanted a nicely crafted version of it as a present for him. Simone from Gö Ledermanufaktur did it for me and also edited it for her little shop in Cologne. The next one was Stuhlfabrik Schnieder, a German manufacturer of furniture for the HoReCa market. They are only producing in Germany and are capable of doing upholstery, cabinetry and also steam bending of wood.

Loom for Recozy by VOSDING Industrial Design
Loom for Recozy

They visited me at my very first SaloneSatellite Exhibition and edited my diploma work „Spielbein“ for their anniversary… followed by a close collaboration on the Luke chair in the following years. This project was special to me because it was the first one designed especially for a company and their production techniques. The frame is made of steam bent wood. And it is a light, slim yet stackable chair. Right now we are working on new products to come.”

When and how did your work start getting recognition?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“I participated three times in SaloneSatellite and one time in Greenhouse Stockholm. This immediately made the press and manufacturers aware of my work. But turning this recognition into contacts and collaborations is not a no-brainer. Now I encounter that happy clients are the best advertising. They start recommending my office to other companies… this is something that makes things easier and I am very proud of every recommendation because there is no better proof of good work.”

Loom for Recozy

What is one aspect of your job that is difficult, tiring and little known, but definitely crucial to your practice?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“To stick at things… many at the same time. Contacts, projects, agreements, developments, new ideas, actual design work, learning new things. Never give up when things take long time or do not work in the first time.”

Which are the main values, core concepts or style inclinations that, above all, will always represent the studio and yourself?

Peter Otto Vosding:

“Honesty towards others as well as within my work. We always strike for a combination of function, elegance and value in meaningful products. And we believe that this can only be achieved, if a certain logic is visible in the final product. So this logic is often defined at the very beginning of our design process and can derive from geometry, from the function of the product or the usage of material – to name just the most obvious.

Monk Table Lamp for Recozy by VOSDING Industrial Design
Monk Table Lamp for Recozy

Feasibility is a qualification all our designs have to comply with. And this does explicitly include concepts that challenge the status quo. Therefor it is essential to us to know the production processes, the capabilities of the manufacturers and the goals our clients want to achieve with the product.

Obviously communication is a key factor in the design process and builds the basis for a successful product development. Our designs are honest, clean and build on the logic previously mentioned.

Monk Table Lamp for Recozy

In doing so, the final products cover the entire spectrum from “discreet servants following their purpose” to “playfully decorating, surprising elements”. No matter what, the goal is always to create something that is needed… if only for making people smile.”


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