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Plantee is the most technologically advanced indoor greenhouse ever made

Plantee is an indoor ecosystem with a myriad of features to help plants thrive including sensors that can monitor soil moisture, air temperature and airflow

The Plantee indoor planter, which just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund its development, is an all-in-one plug & play greenhouse designed to make growing all kinds of demanding plants at home easy.

If you started a “stay at home garden” you are not alone.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world saw an unprecedented surge in plant hobbyists, which this indoor greenhouse was designed to support. 

Using advanced computer simulations, Plantee is designed to evenly distribute the hot air to provide plants with optimal thermal conditions.

Plantee can support plants from all kinds of climates, even pineapples – © Plantee

It can heat the air surrounding the plant from room temperature up to 90 °F/ 32 °C.

The designers claim it can even support the growth of tropical and desert plants such as pineapples.

There’s also a built-in screen, which displays real-time data monitoring as well as a step-by-step growing guide indicating the actions are required to ensure the long term health of the plant. 

Keeping the plants watered with Plantee is easy

The device comes with a magnetic water hose and automatic refills which can be adjusted accordingly and last up to months at a time.

Meanwhile, a high-frequency, stainless-steel salinity-independent sensor constantly monitors whether soil moisture is at the optimal level.

The built-in screen monitors in real-time the needs of the plant – © Plantee

From an aesthetic point of view, Plantee uses a suitable eco-friendly material palette.

The base is made from recyclable anodized aluminium while the case uses a hardened acrylic.

To ensure long-term durability, both pieces are connected using a series of spring-loaded pins and corresponding pads.

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Plant profiles for sharing with the green-fingered community

In our opinion, the standout feature of Plantee is the novel “plant profile” concept which allows users to store plant-specific settings.

By indicating parameters, including time-dependent settings on a weekly scheduler, Plantee can adjust automatically when necessary. 

What sets Plantee apart from other smart planters is its community platform, which allows users to connect with one another – © Plantee

The potential here is a mass database where Plantee users can share and upload their profiles, streamlining their experience of growing a wide variety of species.

This sets Plantee apart from other futuristic planters we’ve seen by imagining a community of green-fingered enthusiasts across the world to connect and share their newly found love of plants.

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