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Staying in vogue: the enduring modernity of a classic modular sofa

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, BBB reintroduces a timeless gem, the original design of which was crafted by Ilaria Prato: the modular Polp 1 sofa makes a comeback.

BBB continues its journey of rediscovering and showcasing the great classics of design, projects that are unrelated to any fashion or trend logic, but so powerful as to naturally determine a style. On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the company brings back an timeless product, whose original design was signed by Ilaria Prato: the modular Polp 1 sofa.

While preserving the integrity of the original design, enhancements in resistance and comfort have been achieved through the utilization of new materials and coverings, which elevate its graceful aesthetics.

Polp 1 sofa by Ilaria Prato for BBB _ modular sofa (3)
Polp 1 sofa by Ilaria Prato – © BBB

BBB has adapted the designs to modern manufacturing technology, using state-of-the-art production techniques. The main intervention involves the use of performance and contemporary materials, which have improved the seating comfort, making it particularly welcoming. The modular seating elements allow for different combinations, adaptable to different spaces and environments.

Overall, the resulting design is free from temporal constraints, constantly contemporary, and highly adaptable to various domestic environments.

Polp 1 sofa by Ilaria Prato for BBB _ modular sofa (3)
Polp 1 sofa by Ilaria Prato – © BBB

Polp 1 is a collection of modular sofas consisting of a wooden base in folding technology in the shape of an inverted box, which serves as a container for large and soft cushions, to be assembled traditionally to create a very comfortable and personality-rich sofa or innovatively to build original islands in spaces.

The coverings, available in fabrics and leather, allow for playing with color and finishes. The padding consists of individually pocketed springs, viscoelastic foam, and expanded polyurethane.

Polp 1 sofa by Ilaria Prato for BBB _ modular sofa (3)
Polp 1 sofa by Ilaria Prato – © BBB

About BBB

Founded in 1949 during a period of growth and burgeoning Italian design, BBB meticulously forged its unique identity within the design realm. Instead of blindly embracing avant-garde movements, the company adeptly balanced experimental innovation with a deep respect for tradition.

In this ongoing process of harmonious mediation, BBB has artfully translated the evolving zeitgeist into a modern, understated style, embodying a refined and contemporary interpretation of Italian living.


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