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A Sculpture, Suspension Or Light Fixture? – Meet Prémisse

Yvan Caillaud’s unique ceiling light crafted from aluminum features elementary, simple and strong lines.

Driven by the desire to have fun while questioning industrial production in order to bring in poetry to a manufactured object – Brussels-based Caillaud designs an alluring luminous suspension ‘Prémisse’ made from a classic aluminum tube that is simply cut, curved and painted. 

Highlighting a return to naïve and primitive shapes, this timeless light gets one interested in the most basic way of enlightening an area.

© Yvan Caillaud

“Generating multiple interpretations – branches for one, bird flight for the other – the challenge was to design a functional, sensitive and narrative piece” says Caillaud. 

Effortlessly achieving a dynamic yet balanced minimalistic look – the suspension neatly conceals the technical details leading it to not interfere with the delicate metallic ballet taking place.

Manufactured with minimum ​​technological intervention, the opening of the lamp brilliantly accentuates the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of aluminum.

Prémisse Atelier by Yvan Caillaud
© Yvan Caillaud

“The opening effect depends on the – thickness of the tubes used, length of the notch and force exerted at the time of bending” he adds

Although bending is a controlled transformation process, the silhouette is defined by natural reaction. In this way – variations in breakage are obtained which are found when several pieces of wood are broken in succession. 

Displayed alone, in a couple or in ballet – the light sources placed on the edges of the lamp meet where the tube splits.

The beams, on the other hand, extend the shape of the object seamlessly integrating it with harmony to a space while lending a warm soothing effect.

© Yvan Caillaud
Prémisse Atelier by Yvan Caillaud
© Yvan Caillaud


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