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Illuminate your space with this fascinating one-of-a-kind object

A frosted plastic shade with an adjustable string – Haechan Ryu fabricates Line and Face.

Korea-based industrial designer Haechan Ryu skillfully fabricates ‘Line and Face’ – a fascinating frosted plastic shade with an adjustable string.

“Looking back on my personal work, I felt that the use of face or line elements and related materials were limited.

L&F is a project that was conducted for the purpose of exploring CMF that I have not tried before –  I wanted to express a new aesthetic by using an opaque plastic face with moderate tension and a line element that can control this tension” says Haechan Ryu.

Minimalistic and concise – the ring unit for fixing the face is seamlessly screwed into the conventional socket module. 

Line and Face by Haechan Ryu
© Haechan Ryu

Additionally, under this innovative opaque plastic face, the interior structure is subtly reflected, brilliantly showcasing a fresh visual.

Due to the tension of the plastic face – the shade naturally spreads toward the bottom and if one pulls the string tight and fixes it with the holder, a narrowed shape can be created.

“I tried to escape from a complex design through the simplest part configuration possible. 
A fixed ring is added to the LED bulb socket and one can effortlessly assemble the orange unit and screw to complete the basic structure” Ryu adds.

Line and Face by Haechan Ryu
© Haechan Ryu
Line and Face by Haechan Ryu
© Haechan Ryu


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