Your printing dreams effortlessly coming true one roll at a time

Jisan Chung crafts Roller Jet – a printer that utilizes a roll of paper instead of sheets to print out any length the user wants.

In today’s digitalised world where screens have replaced printed paper, Korea-based industrial designer Jisan Chung brilliantly crafts ‘Roller Jet’ – an innovative minimalistic printer that utilizes a roll of paper instead of sheets to print out any length the user wants.

Chung consistently aims to skillfully interpret complex technology into a simple yet extraordinary design aesthetic to give users a valuable, fuss-free and joyful experience. 

“In many places, printed paper has been replaced by screens, changing the role of home printers. 

Roller Jet helps one enjoy tangible interactions – from taking notes on printouts to simply carrying them around for reference!” says Jisan Chung.

Roller Jet by Jisan Chung
© Jisan Chung

Effortlessly allowing one to print in any length they want, users can print out every content from their mobile devices through Bluetooth without creating margins – including small sizes for tickets, checklists, daily schedules, grid lines, gift wraps and even A4 size or larger for documents. 

“The roll has the same width as the A4 size so that it can seamlessly print out regular documents as well and after printing, the paper can be easily torn off with a single hand” Chung adds.

© Jisan Chung

Using direct thermal technology that doesn’t require toner or ink cartridges – this eclectic one-of-a-kind object has a strong advantage of its compact size as well as less management need and without any waste, it further contributes to the environment.

Along with a bent single stainless steel rod – thoughtful details are beautifully hidden in the product from a little lump for a paper roll to align to sharp teeth for cutting paper, tiny feet under the frame and so on.

© Jisan Chung


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