A cutting-edge pivot technology for high-end interiors

This room divider is one of the most innovative products that we have seen in a while

PortaPivot 6530 XL is a glass pivot door system that combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful aesthetics. The result is a room divider that is practical and elegant at the same time. Such solutions are nothing new to this Belgian company. After being founded back in 1995, PortaPivot has won many design awards all over the world.

Their patented technology and modern production philosophy result in some of the best hinged room dividers. There are many reasons why PortaPivot products are so popular among interior designers. Like all the other products in PortaPivot’s range, the PortaPivot 6530 XL has a wide array of features that make it stand out.

A bold design statement

Once you lay your eyes on the PortaPivot 6530 room divider, you’ll notice how it has such a powerful effect despite its minimalist design. The anodized aluminum frame of it comes in 3 elegant colors to fit all possible interior settings.

The finish quality and the overall subtle design give this room divider its signature aesthetics. After the door is fitted with the glass, the decorative aluminum profiles can be glued on top of the glass in any way the designer wants.

Room Divider Portapivot 6530 XL + UGP
PortaPivot 6530 XL

Having such design flexibility gives this system an edge over other similar prefabricated systems and allows for a high level of design control. As these profiles are also available in different lengths, they can be used to create all kinds of effects and designs.

Creating everything digitally

Instead of choosing between already-existing room divider designs, you can completely customize your door and see how exactly it’ll look before it’s even manufactured. Thanks to the innovative online product configuration system, you can configure everything.

Things like colors, appropriate dimensions, door grips and optional grid profiles can all be modified and visualized in real time. Not only is this a useful design tool, it is also very useful when working with clients.

To propose a design for your client, all you have to do is create the design using this tool and save it so you can show it to them later. You can also save multiple proposals which make this an invaluable tool.

PortaPivot 6530 XL

Premium-quality material

All the profiles of the PortaPivot 6530 XL are made of an anodized material of the highest quality. In addition to its clean look and the fact that it comes in 3 different colors, there are many things that make the anodized finish an excellent choice, first of which is durability.

After going through the electrochemical process of anodization, the entire surface of the aluminum is anodized with an “oxide material”. The best thing about this process is that it doesn’t use another material to cover the aluminum. This oxidized layer is made of aluminum molecules.

As a result, this material cannot chip or peel away, because there is nothing to be chipped or peeled. In addition to its durability, this process results in a porous surface that is ideal for things like applying a color or sealing.

This process is also environmentally safe. As the anodizing process doesn’t produce any materials nor involves any process that is harmful to the environment, it is considered an environmentally-friendly process.

Room Divider Portapivot 6530 XL + UGP
PortaPivot 6530 XL

PortaPivot has an innovative hinge system

The PortaPivot 6530 has an innovative pivot hinge system called Stealth Pivot. This hinge system can be installed on top of the finished surface, without any need for built-in fixtures. Not only does this make the process easier, it also makes the hingeless visually distracting as it remains completely hidden after the installation, which is what inspired the name of this system.

The size of the Stealth Pivot hinges varies depending on the size of the PortaPivot 6530. The company sends the appropriate hinges anyway so it doesn’t really affect the installation process or the overall minimal aesthetics of the door.

Room Divider Portapivot 6530 XL + UGP
PortaPivot 6530 XL

A brilliant assembly method

PortaPivot room dividers ship worldwide. It might be surprising that they do but it’s not really that, difficult thanks to the brilliant assembly method that the company uses. PortaPivot doors ship as pieces that are ready to be assembled by any local craftsman.

As the self-assembly kit has everything that is required for the door to be assembled – along with a detail assembly method, you won’t need anything else except the glass. To make things easier – which makes sense, given the size – the glass is sourced from any local supplier. Once the glass is ready, the parts are ready to be assembled to a fully-functioning door / room divider.


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