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A fascinating piece bringing fluidity and elegance together

Studio Rik ten Velden crafts Sisu – light sculptures that are ambient wall pieces harmoniously blending cast resin frames with multiple front materials.

Aiming to express the beauty of materials through clear-cut forms with a focus on the relation between the applied materials – Studio Rik ten Velden skillfully crafts ‘Sisu’ – fascinating light sculptures that are ambient wall pieces harmoniously blending cast resin frames with multiple front materials. 

An extraordinary furniture and lighting design studio based in the Netherlands – Studio Rik ten Velden’s work is brilliantly based on research and experimentation with materials and intricately detailed manufacturing techniques. 

“Sisu light sculptures are born in times when most of us are challenged in one way or the other. 

When I came across the Finnish term ‘Sisu’ it instantly resonated with my new concept of lights, translated as strength of will, determination and perseverance” says founder Rik. 

This stunning collection features 3 one-of-a-kind models in varying minimalistic eye-catching shapes fabricated from a resin frame base and multiple front hues as well as materials that are refreshingly soothing to the eyes.

Innovatively developed in high quality with an emphasis on seamlessly round and flowing outlines – it further takes into account the integration of the illuminating warm LED light. 

© Studio Rik ten Velden

“The result is fluid shapes with multiple fronts to choose from. The cast resin lightweight frame is created from a mold that can be endlessly reused with durability in mind and saving energy and waste!” he adds.

Special molds are designed to make the organically shaped frames where liquid resin is then poured into the mold and taken out as a solid frame shortly after. 

Additionally, the resin frame holds LED lights on the backside as well as the cover on the front side and indirect light effortlessly creates a silhouette around the frame while lighting up the front surface as well. 

Multiple materials are open to choose from for the front cover – from cane webbing to colored satin acrylic and colored acrylic mirror. 

By utilizing multiple Sisu sculptures – one can create an alluring installation or even an eclectic playful composition. Endless color options and matching fronts have something in store for everyone!

“We move within the rigid walls of everyday routine and forget that life is not a box but a fluid energy. With its misaligned shapes, Sisu reminds us that life can be colorful and playful.
For the future, we are looking to collaborate with manufacturers and designers who create interesting translucent surface materials to fit the resin frames!” says Rik.

© Studio Rik ten Velden
Sisu by Studio Rik ten Velden
© Studio Rik ten Velden


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