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Fancy a cabinet of curiosities? Look no further than this fascinating shelf

Freia Achenbach crafts an extraordinary amorphous Spectator Shelf from resin, foam and sand – offering storage or presentation space.

Seamlessly allowing movement between disciplines and playfully exploring material, form as well as color – Germany-based Freia Achenbach crafts an extraordinary amorphous ‘Spectator Shelf’ from resin, foam and sand, offering storage or presentation space. 

An object, furniture and spatial designer – her work often starts from a certain narrative further translated into products through experimenting a wide variety of materials as well as both, traditional and innovative manufacturing processes. 

Producing captivating objects as one-of-a-kind pieces as well as in small series – her alluring products are handmade in her own workshop or in collaboration with small manufacturers. 

Intended to offer one space for imagination and interpretation – ambiguous forms are brilliantly a recurring element in her products.

© Freia Achenbach

“If a sensory stimulus is offered to our perception, the spirit accepts this Spectator Shelf and complements what is missing” says Achenbach.

This minimalistic piece of furniture stimulates the mechanism of projection and alludes to different faces that can only be recognized at second glance. 

By recognizing the faces in the object, the role between subject and object is reversed – where the object becomes the subject and the shelf is moved into the position of the observer.

Additionally giving this eclectic product a unique and vibrant finish – each shelf is hand painted with resin. 

Further building a solid structure, the different conceptual pieces skillfully interlock in such a way that they stabilize each other.

“A limited Edition of 50 pieces – the shelf is extremely lightweight and can be perfectly utilized as a cabinet of curiosities” Achenbach adds.

Spectator Shelf by Freia Achenbach
© Freia Achenbach
Spectator Shelf by Freia Achenbach
© Freia Achenbach


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