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Galapagos presents the Spooky Castle Series, a playful rendition of a haunting nocturnal tale come to life, consisting of a desk lamp, a clothing rack, and a magical mirror

The independent design brand Galapagos, merging the pragmatism of product design with the allure of daydreams, recently unveiled its Spooky Castle Series project at EDIT Napoli.

The brand’s mission is to employ design as a means to unleash the imagination, imagine novel realms, and rediscover bygone encounters beyond the confines of space and time. Every project emerges as a narrative before it becomes a tangible product, underscoring the idea that design, devoid of storytelling, diminishes into the mere creation of objects.

Spooky Castle Series by Galapagos

Each collection is unique, involving ongoing experimentation, exploration of local suppliers, and the development of fresh production methods, all seamlessly adapting to the overarching narrative it embodies.

No one needs new chairs and new lamps, but we all have unexpressed emotional needs that new objects with such a narrative potential can support“, say the founders.

The Spooky Castle Series

Embracing this philosophy, they introduced their second collection, the “Spooky Castle Series.” This collection is a whimsical embodiment of a nocturnal ghostly tale, brought to life through a charming clothing rack, a mysterious desk lamp, and a peculiar, shape-shifting wall mirror.

Spooky Castle Series by Galapagos

These products are crafted from robust MDF sheets, precision-milled and beveled to create graceful, flowing shapes reminiscent of the creatures that inspired them. Each piece is meticulously finished with a semi-matte gradient lacquer, available in various colors, with the aim of imparting a sense of lightness, ethereality, and evanescence to the sturdy and structural material that is MDF. It’s worth noting that every artifact in this collection is handcrafted in Italy.

The series comprises the following distinctive pieces.

Boolb, the Desk Lamp

Boolb represents an eccentric desk lamp with a delightfully pliable form. It illuminates its surroundings with a subtle, subdued light, creating an atmosphere that exudes an intriguing sense of gloominess.

Boolb, the Desk lamp by Galapagos / Spooky Castle Series by Galapagos

Flubber, the Mirror

Flubber takes the form of a wavy mirror, capturing the irregular essence of a spectrum. Its multi-reflective surface and ectoplasmic appearance evoke a sense of otherworldly charm.

Flubber, the Mirror by Galapagos / Spooky Castle Series by Galapagos

Casper, the Clothes Rack

It stands as a unique clothing rack, characterized by its spectral and soft silhouette. It playfully interprets the idea of a friendly ghost, as reflected in its whimsical name.

Casper, the Clothes Rack by Galapagos – Colors: Hallucinating Orange (left), Ectoplasmic Green (right) / Spooky Castle Series by Galapagos

Grounded in the art of narrative-driven design

Their prior collection (we explored it here), draws inspiration from the pre-Columbian period in the unspoiled Mesoamerican region, where numerous cultures and populations have influenced various terrains and habitats.

At the core of Galapagos‘ creative process lies the belief that design should transcend mere functionality. Hence, each project unfolds as a story before it takes on its physical form. This underscores the idea that design, without a narrative context, is reduced to a mere manufacturing of objects.

Flubber, the Mirror by Galapagos / Spooky Castle Series by Galapagos

Each collection is marked by continuous experimentation, local supplier exploration, and the adoption of innovative production techniques, all seamlessly aligned with the overarching narrative.

Every product is conceived with the intention of being replicable, utilizing production methods that prioritize sustainability on a medium scale. This is made possible through collaborations with skilled local suppliers who hold craftsmanship in high regard.


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