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Take control of time (and your daily routine) with the Superlocal clock

A customisable interface lets users mark the most important hours in their day

Despite smartphones being our ultimate timekeepers these days, physical clocks still hold an essential role in interiors as a decorative item and a way to switch off from digital as you go about your day — that’s the idea behind the Superlocal Clock.

The Superlocal clock proposes a contemporary take on classic timekeeping with a customisable design that can be set according to individual routines. “You can set your own local noon,” explains Brooklyn-based studio CW&T. 

This is done by positioning indicators around the face in the various 48 individual sections (each representing half an hour) to help users strategize their day according to their specific needs.

The Superlocal Clock
The Superlocal Clock

The Superlocal clock is a lightweight and compact device made from machined steel and finished with a smooth and durable black Melonite coating. In perfect contrast, the single hour hand is fabricated from aluminum and steel with a matte white powder coat. It uses a simple quartz-regulated battery-powered analog design and, as expected, rotates around the dial once every 24-hours. 

What sets the Superlocal clock apart from your everyday timepiece, however, are the 12 dial markers. These small magnetic spheres — 11 white and 1 gold — can be positioned to represent specific times of the day that are important to the user.

The Superlocal Clock
The Superlocal Clock

When not in use, they can be stored inside the body of the clock. Magnetic spheres can also be placed into small indents on the perimeter of the clock to prevent them from rolling away when placed on a desk. If not, a machined hole in the back of the body accommodates a screw or wall anchor.

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A novel clock with a pragmatic concept

The Superlocal Clock is proving popular on Kickstarter, surpassing its goal of $6,000 with 209 backers and a total of $37,959. The idea of altering your concept of time sounds a little ‘meta’ but it makes total sense. Setting dots at specific points throughout the day is a casual, non-intrusive way to keep a sleep schedule, especially for people who want to mark mealtimes, working hours or any other daily moments.

The Superlocal Clock

It lacks an alarm function but that’s the point—there are no numbers or alarms to trigger senses, scold or shame. “It’s a clock that revolves around your life as opposed to making your life revolve around a clock,” says Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy, founders of CW&T.

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