Sustainable hygiene products for a better world

These impressive designs offer more sustainable versions of everyday hygiene items in an effort to reduce their environmental impact

In today’s world, it’s not enough for the product to be functional and stylish. Sustainability plays a more important role than ever before. More conscious use of materials should now be a priority for everyone. Well, that’s easier said than done. For a long time, coming up with sustainable hygiene products has been a huge challenge.

Did you know that in North America alone, every year, almost 20 billion tampons, applicators, and sanitary napkins go to landfills?

Later on, these landfills spread methane emissions, which harm the environment. The issue here is undeniable.

So what can we do about it?

The problem with hygiene products is the fact they can mostly be used just once. These smart designs, however, offer a sustainable solution that won’t hurt the planet. Let’s take a look at them.

1. D by Dame

While there are still no clear global statistics on the impact of sanitary pads, tampons, and applicators, there is no question these small everyday objects are used in enormous numbers. As a solution for reducing this significant source of waste, Dame has designed D – a reusable tampon applicator.

The company has reimagined period products, offering alternatives that are friendlier to the planet and humans. Their reusable applicator is toxin-free and carbon-negative, which makes it a great choice for your body and the environment.

© D by DAME / Sustainable hygiene products

2. The Green Box by OnMateria

Every year, hotel chains throw out millions of amenity kits, which feature items that take hundreds of years to degrade in nature. Furthermore, some chemical components and microplastics never disappear from the environment entirely. The Green Box was created to show that businesses can start with small steps to make the world a better place. 

The creation of OnMateria instructs hotel guests to separate the green components for industrial composting. Since they are made out of recycled PLA and plant-based pigments, they will turn into biogas and soil after 10 days. With this smart design, the hospitality industry can be transformed into a circular economy.

The Green Box by OnMateria - Sustainable hygiene products
© The Green Box by OnMateria / Sustainable hygiene products

3. Reusable tampon applicator by Floera

Another solution for reducing the carbon footprint of single-use sanitary products is this reusable tampon applicator by Floera. Manufactured from medical-grade materials, it is created to be as universal as possible. The product includes an ergonomic barrel, which holds the tampon, and a cap, which is used to push it out.

What’s great, this applicator can be used for many different types and sizes of tampons. Plus, it’s quite small and easy to use – what else could you wish for?

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Reusable tampon applicator by Floera
© Reusable tampon applicator by Floera / Sustainable hygiene products

4. F SolidPod by CuldeSac

What about single-use plastics in showers?

The F SolidPod – a well-designed gel and shampoo applicator – aims to revolutionize the daily experience we all have. This stunning product is made from recycled elements, which should last even more than 10 years. 

Pepe García from Design Studio CuldeSac explains that designers are always looking for ways to dispense the unnecessary and reach the real essence of a product. That’s why F SolidPod is all about simplicity.

After many debates and sketches, the final F SolidPod version is created using a mix of recycled plastic and wood chips. Unlike typical options on the market, this applicator weighs only 45 grams. For this reason, it’s more sustainable and cost-effective, especially in the distribution process. 

Once the user has finished a tablet, they can buy refills on the website. Not only is F SolidPod an excellent choice for the natural components, but also the experience it offers.

F SolidPod by CuldeSac - Sustainable hygiene products
© F SolidPod by CuldeSac / Sustainable hygiene products


Making the world a better place doesn’t happen in one day. However, each (even tiny) step toward a more sustainable lifestyle makes a difference. These designs have re-invented the idea of sustainable hygiene products, making them more convenient for users and friendlier to the environment.


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