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Tesler + Mendelovitch’s wooden textile works are lightweight and sustainably made

These fashion and design wooden products could last ages, never going out of style

Orli Tesler and Itamar Mendelovitch – Tesler + Mendelovitch – met each other at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, having in common the interest in renovation and experimentation. This is how their wooden textile project started out.

Orli is from Sidney and Itamar grew up in a kibbutz. Little did they know that they would have become a talented carpenter duo, giving a new life to wood, or viceversa it is wood, constantly whispering them what it wants to become, be it a lovely  geometric clutch or a refined piece of furniture. 

Tesler + Mendelovitch transform original materials into high-quality custom-made products for industry, fashion and design, pursuing flexibility into geometrical forms and the integration of opposite elements to build new identities.

Twisted Table by Tesler + Mendelovitch /  wooden textile
© Wooden textile creations by Tesler + Mendelovitch

Wooden textile, applied

The team has the aesthetic and technical ability to apply innovative, tactual materials to a wide range of applications, transforming wood into a fluid, flexible sheet crafted into accessories, automotive interiors, acoustic paneling, clothing. 

Born from an experimentation with curving structures, the Twisted Table is a great example of a minimalistic design enriched by a dynamic movement and a powerful figure made of oak, wenge or American walnut, just like the Twisted Chair, a true statement piece inspired by surface current.

The faceted nature of these handcrafted pieces of furniture creates a dramatic light and shadow effect.

Twisted Table by Tesler + Mendelovitch
© Wooden textile creations by Tesler + Mendelovitch

By combining their signature wooden textile ideas with clever construction techniques, the studio creates unique, individual pieces that accomodate diverse interior projects.

Real pieces of art and architecture, the wood clutches are the result of integated esthetical studies combined with elements of geometry and technology, a one of a kind eye-catching fashion accessory meticulously hand crafted to a high-quality standard.

The wood clutch features a magnetic clasp and a soft underbelly for a comfortable grip, all the materials are of the highest quality, hand selected, ensuring a beautiful grain composition for every piece, delivered in a handcrafted display case to provide a sustainable and safe storage solution for the bag when not in use.

Clutches - Tesler + Mendelovitch - Twisted Table  / wooden textile
© Wooden textile creations by Tesler + Mendelovitch

The pursues are made from a range of veneers, including ebony, bitch, walnut and rosewood, varieties typically picked for their bold vertical grain.

The transformation of wood into a textile involves a diagonal elaboration, to cross over the soft and hard points where it can bend without breaking, all done very slowly and lightly.

While the geometric surface provides necessary flexibility, the wood texture is soft and pleasant to the touch, both delicate and very resilient.

The shape is finally lined with a high-quality leather that both boosts the product esthetically and provides at the same time a soft barrier for hard items that could damage its interior.

Timeless and innovative, these wooden textile pieces of furniture could last ages, never going out of style.


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