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This symbolic object brings out a contemporary desire for unity

Zavier Wong presents ‘The Common Table’ at Milan Design Week 2022 under the exhibition ‘No Space For Waste’.

Standing out as an ode to circular design and creativity – Singapore born maker and thinker based in the Netherlands, Zavier Wong presents ‘The Common Table’ at Milan Design Week 2022 under the exhibition ‘No Space For Waste’. 

This one-of-a-kind exhibit brilliantly focuses on extraordinary products crafted utilizing industrial waste in order to minimize their environmental impact. 

The projects chosen skillfully breathe new life into discarded objects – raising awareness to favor a more sustainable lifestyle, giving the unhealthy domino effect a stop.

“I like to see myself as someone gardening an industrial wilderness. I tend to gravitate towards materials that are seen as imperfect, discarded or things that are rejected by industry – using its perceived weakness as an invitation to transform it” says Wong.

© Zavier Wong

In the early church, people from varying backgrounds came together at one table, to share a communal meal known as the love feast – Wong decided to innovatively fabricate a long table for the very same purpose. 

Seamlessly composed of five separate tables embodying five different people – this eclectic eye-catching product is created from scrap wood, steel, brick, styrofoam as well as plastic. 

The materials are broken down into smaller pieces to effortlessly represent a common feeling; regardless of language, race or religion – we all go through devastating moments in life. 

However, he innately believes that crushing experiences always carry the seeds of growth. 

Hence, the organic form of this symbolic piece of furniture – the irregular bits and pieces all seem to grow and come back to life.

The Common Table by Zavier Wong
© Zavier Wong
© Zavier Wong


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