What if Alice’s Wonderland were hidden in the heart of the Spanish city, Madrid?

Reimagining domestic living as a dynamic and immersive experience, blurring the boundaries between function and fantasy. The Scenic House prioritizes experience and enjoyment over the traditional limits of housing, de-hierarchizing typical structures.

In the heart of Madrid, amidst the vibrant urban landscape, lies a residential oasis that challenges the very essence of conventional living. The Scenic House, a masterful creation by the innovative minds at JJ Estudio, stands as a testimony to the boundless possibilities of architectural imagination.

This extraordinary dwelling, covering 125 square meters, transcends the mundane confines of traditional housing, inviting its inhabitants into a realm of whimsy and wonder inspired by the fantastic adventures of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece: Alice in Wonderland. The design ethos of the Scenic House is clear from the outset, it aims to defy expectations and forge a space that deftly balances functionality with fantasy.

The Scenic House by JJ Estudio _ Madrid, Spain
The Scenic House by JJ Estudio _ Madrid, Spain

At its core lies a remarkable feat of architectural ability—a prism-like piece of furniture that spans 7 by 5 meters and rises to a height of 2.30 meters. This striking center piece, adorned in a mesmerizing hue of RAL 5003, is designed to incorporate the pre-existing structural pillars. It serves both as an anchor and as a focal point: the beams pass intact over this piece seamlessly integrating with the existing structural framework while announcing a new era of spatial exploration.

The brilliance of JJ Estudio‘s design lies not only in its aesthetic allure but in its thoughtful consideration of the inhabitant’s desires and aspirations. In the case of the Scenic House, the client—a visionary acrobat with a penchant for artistic performance—sought a space that would accommodate her multifaceted lifestyle. Thus, the design narrative unfolds as a choreographed sequence of spatial experiences, each meticulously tailored to fulfill a specific need or desire.

The Scenic House by JJ Estudio _ Madrid, Spain
The Scenic House by JJ Estudio _ Madrid, Spain

Stepping inside, you will be immediately drawn into a world of possibilities. The interior of the central furniture piece reveals a series of enigmatic spaces, each with its own unique aesthetic and purpose. Set up just for the performer, within the house there is a vast, flexible stage measuring 3 by 5 meters—a canvas awaiting the acrobat’s graceful movements and daring feats. With a simple gesture, a folding door opens, inviting guests to witness the spectacle unfold.

Nevertheless the Scenic House is not merely a stage for performance; it is a sanctuary for communion and connection. At the threshold of the dwelling, a wet room stands out—a communal space where inhabitants and guests alike can converge, sharing stories and laughter amidst the gentle patter of water. Here, the boundaries between public and private blur, fostering a sense of complicity and belonging.

The Scenic House by JJ Estudio _ Madrid, Spain

Yet, among the revelry, there is also a space of quiet introspection—a dressing room nestled away from the ebb and flow of communal life. Here, the inhabitant finds solace and solitude, a refuge from the demands of the outside world.

As one navigates the mazy corridors of the Scenic House, a sense of liberation from the constraints of convention and conformity pervades. The peripheral circulation, which winds its way through the kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, and connecting bathroom, avoids the traditional hierarchy of domestic spaces in favor of a fluid and dynamic interplay.

The Scenic House by JJ Estudio _ Madrid, Spain

In essence, the Scenic House is more than a mere dwelling; it is a testament to the transformative power of architecture—a vessel through which dreams are realized and boundaries are transcended. With JJ Estudio at the helm, the possibilities are limitless, and the journey, endlessly enchanting.

As Alice herself once mused: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”, in the Scenic House, impossibility gives way to infinite possibility—a proof to the enduring legacy of Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale.


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