Project 1: 4300 Wilson

WOOD–SKIN team and Gensler designed a complex and sinuous three-dimensional surface in veneered birch, that sprawls out into the space of the lobby to become first a ceiling, then a wall, in an uninterrupted curvilinear flow.

Project 2: Mind

Originating from a concept by L22, WOOD-SKIN recreate the concept of the ‘ripple effect’, as in a drop of water whose point of impact generates energy, dynamism, and a multitude of concentric waves that propagate far beyond the size of the drop itself.

Project 3: Accuracy

Concrete, metal, white marble and printed glass harmonize perfectly with the wave ceiling realized in WOOD-SKIN in veneered Okoume.

Behind the fluid and simple shape of the ceiling, there is an accurate and millimetric parametric study able to integrate naturally, lights and aeration systems.

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