Blending the breathtaking art of free hand blown glass with fascinating yet sophisticated technology

Tornasole for Casarialto Atelier by BreathGeneration Collective Air Quality Observatory – monitors the air in the environment through innovative lasers and bio-sensors.

‘Tornasole’ for Casarialto Atelier skillfully devised by BreathGeneration Collective Air Quality Observatory is a – stunning innovative lamp with an integrated device responsible for brilliantly monitoring the air in the environment around us, through lasers as well as bio-sensors. 

Born in Veneto in 2008 by Catherine Urban – Casarialto Atelier is a brand of tableware and furnishing accessories that skillfully embodies her deep passion for glassmaking as well as represents a seamless fusion of international design knowledge and alluring craftsmanship.

With her modern and practical spirit harmoniously intertwined with the centuries-old roots of Venetian savoir-faire – the brand has seamlessly established direct collaborations with master glassmakers from across the globe. 

© Casarialto

“My encounter with glass was immediate – right from my first instinctive fascination, I felt the need to study and research this complex material as well as its production processes and as a result I founded Casarialto Atelier” says Urban.

By exploring new territories and experimenting with less familiar techniques – the brand crafts refreshingly new yet unexpected projects. 

Conceived and promoted by Alfio Pozzoni and Alessandro Brizioli with the support of a team of professionals as well as a scientific committee – Tornasole is a conceptual one-of-a-kind lamp that combines the art of free hand blown glass, which is Casarialto’s signature, with sophisticated technology.

Spherical in shape with the addition of two small branches, each housing a small bird – this eclectic object is supported by a chrome-plated base that stores the air quality detection device. 

“Beautifully reminiscent of a poetic mini-observatory – it further changes shades of color to warn us when to ventilate the space we live in, increasing awareness about our surroundings” Urban adds. 

Tornasole by Casarialto
© Casarialto
Tornasole by Casarialto
© Casarialto


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