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Could the new high-speed VanMoof e-bike replace cars?

Dutch company Vanmoof has created its first hyperbike, which promises faster speeds and longer distances between charges than your standard electric bike.

The launch of VanMoof’s pedal-assisted V is a challenge to lawmakers around the world. “When we first started imagining what the V could become, we very soon agreed it’s about a whole new approach to how we use the roads,” VanMoof co-founder and CEO Ties Carlier said during the announcement.

“The VanMoof V will have integrated speed settings to match your country’s regulations. However, this bike has the technology and capacity to hit speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour or 37 miles per hour. As it stands, local regulations across the world cap the top speed of this category. But in the long term, we need much bigger thinking.”

Defined by a chunky frame with hefty tyres, beyond its chiselled body the V packs a real punch. This high-speed e-bike is capable of 50kmh (around 31mph), which is too fast for some jurisdictions. The launch of an e-bike that can do way more is basically a plea with lawmakers, to update e-bike regulations.

When it finally ships (a potential late 2022 release date is being reported), the VanMoof will feature a Turbo Boost button, a keyless locking system, all-round suspension and automatic gears. Dual motors provide a two-wheel-drive system that tackles slippery conditions, while the company’s ‘Turbo Boost’ function accelerates the ride in a bid to make the user feel like an equal part of the traffic.

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The VanMoof will feature a Turbo Boost button, a keyless locking system, all-round suspension and automatic gears – © VanMoof

These are signature VanMoof touches that don’t pose a problem. But the Dutch company hopes that the VanMoof V model might serve as a true car replacement in the future and therein lies the problem…

This might be possible in countries like the Netherlands, where strides have been made to implement the necessary infrastructure, but that still depends on the battery range, which hasn’t yet been revealed

Therefore, it probably makes more sense to look at the Vanmoof V as a concept bike, at least when it comes to speed. Until there’s a shift on the legal side of things, we’re going to take this as a super stylish alternative to other e-bikes on the market.

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Until there is a shift on the legal side of things, the VanMoof’s main feature, high speed, makes it more of a concept bike than anything else – © VanMoof