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Italian brand Vero launches with debut drop of iconic pieces

Vero makes its debut inspired by fashion’s hottest marketing strategy and an ode to Italian style, flair and craftsmanship.

Vero, which consists of multiple collections dropped at different intervals, is the result of an idea that Pasquale Apollonio, founder of Level Project, developed with Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, founders of simple flair and Riviera Creative Space.

Apollonio is in charge of production whilst Flacco and Crenna were in charge of getting together a cohort of impressive designers.

© VERO by simple flair _ Group image _ ph Matteo Bianchessi

The debut collection includes pieces by CARA \ DAVIDE, Frederik Paulsen, Marco Campardo, Natalia Criado, Federica Elmo, and a617.

It comprises eight pieces ranging from household items such as chairs and tables, to decorative accessories like a mirror and a tray.

Highlights include the CARA \ DAVIDE bookcase and stool, a duo characterised by its panelled edges.

© VERO by simple flair _ Bookcase by a617 _ ph Matteo Bianchessi

The composing panels feature borders rotated by 45°, resulting in a striking design. 

The mini-collection is the result of Flacco and Crenna testing the limits of simplicity, playing with movements and rotating every bookcase’s component by an angle, applying the same method to all bookcases in order to also connect multiple aspects together.

The result is a solid, lacquered design.

© VERO by simple flair _ Stool by Marco Campardo _ ph Matteo Bianchessi

Cosa è vero? (What is vero?)

Vero, meaning ‘true’ in Italian, is the project’s tagline, which speaks to its quest and dedication to authentic Italian techniques and manufacturing.

The entire collection is produced onsite in Galatina, the heart of Puglia, in highly specialised workshops and with a dense network of local suppliers.

Vero begins to develop long-term sustainability.

VERO brand by simple flair _ Federica Elmo _ Mirror _ ph Matteo Bianchessi.
© VERO by simple flair _ Mirror by Federica Elmo _ ph Matteo Bianchessi

The production, led by the founder Pasquale Apollonio, takes place in highly specialised workshops that keep centenary local artisan techniques, guarantors of the refined quality of the products.

“We imagine that the world of design can be a reference for a more informal, concrete and sincere society,” says Flacco and Crenna.

“We would like Vero to contribute to this path by merging contemporary ideas with the most complex corporate systems to trace a new path for Italian and international design.” 

VERO brand by simple flair _ Natalia Criado _ Tray _ ph Matteo Bianchessi
© VERO by simple flair _ Tray by Natalia Criado _ ph Matteo Bianchessi

Drop 1 is currently being exhibited at riviera creative space in Milan and will be available to see until May 6th 2022, from Monday to Friday 10AM—6PM.

Meanwhile, the second drop, scheduled for the 2022 Salone del Mobile, includes designs by Odd Matter, Sam Stewart and Zaven.

VERO brand by simple flair _ Fredrik Paulsen _ chair _ ph Matteo Bianchessi
© VERO by simple flair _ Chair by Fredrik Paulsen _ ph Matteo Bianchessi


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