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The rise of waterproof wallpaper both in home design and outdoors

Following the recent market debut of d.ecodura™, the world’s first wallpaper made from organic bio-vinyl for indoor surfaces, Wall&decò continues to demonstrate its pioneering spirit with the new 2024-1 collections.

Quality, technique, and aesthetics form the foundation of Wall&decò‘s daily work. This Italian company, headquartered in Ravenna, specializes in wallpaper production. Their latest achievements include two new collections that showcase how ‘paper’ and ‘water’ can harmoniously coexist, thanks to technological advancements. These include the WET System, a waterproof wallpaper designed for showers and wet areas, and the OUT System, a wallpaper for facades and exterior walls.

Wall&decò was established in 2005 by Christian Benini, the founder and creative director of the brand, who initially worked as an advertising photographer. While creating an image featuring large leaves for a photo shoot backdrop, he instantly saw its significant decorative potential and the various ways it could be adapted for interior design.

SOAVITY by Maria Gomez Garcia, WET System

The WET System and OUT System collections reflect the spirit of research and innovation that the founder embedded in the company from the start. They exemplify how ongoing enhancement and advanced solutions allow Wall&decò’s creativity to flourish in previously unimaginable settings.

Wall&decò – Collections:

WET System

WET System is Wall&decò’s patented, completely water-resistant wallcovering designed for wet environments like showers, bathrooms, and spas. With over 23,000 showers wallpapered in more than 80 countries, WET System is more than just a product—it’s a revolution in the wallpaper industry.

ORDITO by Alhambretto + AM Prod, WET System

It ensures complete waterproofing, high washability, resistance to detergents, impacts, and scratches, and meets current EU and US fire resistance regulations. This comprehensive wall covering system includes various components—primer, specialized adhesive, fiberglass fabric, and protective finishes—achieving a total thickness of just 1.5 mm. Its slim profile enables quick renovations and can be installed directly over existing surfaces, like bathroom and kitchen tiles, minimizing building site waste.

OUT System

OUT System is an innovative outdoor wallpaper that resists rain, yellowing, and smog, bringing the powerful decorative potential of wallpaper to patios, terraces, and facades. This advanced wall covering system, with a maximum thickness of just 1 mm, includes a fiberglass fabric, a sanitizing layer, and transparent finishes.

MONSIEUR by Christian Benini _ Wall&Deco _ WET system + OUT System _ waterproof wallpaper
MONSIEUR by Christian Benini, OUT System

It can be applied to concrete walls, cement plaster, exterior plasterboard, and thermal insulation. Laboratory-tested, OUT System is guaranteed for 5 years against color fading and 10 years for adhesion strength. It also meets class B s1 d0 fire reaction regulations.


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