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From sunrise to sunset: WOOD-SKIN Mesh Panels transport you to new dimensions in the Dolomites

Among rocky walls and uncontaminated nature, the project “From Sunrise to Sunset” comes to life.

The WOOD-SKIN team, made up of photographer Omar Sartor, Art director Michela Alquati and video maker Matteo Borghi, went to the Dolomites at the Marmolada Glacier to give life to the project “From Sunrise to Sunset”. The Mesh Panels are inspired by the natural realm, fully tracing existing organic forms and integrating them with the varied world of architecture.

The photoshoot frames this classic WOOD-SKIN product in its new guise of Mesh Panel. A harsh and impervious place like the Dolomites, full of crevices and irregular rock formations, refers to the multi-adaptability of Mesh Panels guaranteed by their free-form properties. In fact, they do not follow predefined patterns but can be composed in several combinations depending on the space they will enrich.

The meticulous selection of sustainable materials for the new Mesh Panels includes paperstone, print, metallic and non-metallic laminates, as well as Alpi (an ultra-thin and lightweight material), available in a variety of colours and infinite shapes with elegant finishes.

A design in harmony with the various spaces it encounters, whether natural or anthropic. The series of shots capture the process of installing the sheets in the high mountains from sunrise to sunset: from the preparation of the expedition to its completion. The profiles of the rocky walls are a perfect surrounding for coating sheets that blend with the ripples of the rocks and the clouds floating in the sky. Snowy walls with opalescent reflections (whitish, milky) match with the modular geometries of Mesh Panels, now opaque, now reflective.

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The installations do not damage the natural landscape, but enhance its forms, joining together in an almost lunar atmosphere. Every mountain is impervious in its own way; reaching the top is a matter of mindset. From the beginning the most difficult challenges seem impossible, the trick is to believe that they are not. WOOD-SKIN wanted to go beyond simple cladding with Mesh Panels and “From Sunrise to Sunset” shows how it is possible to modulate installations based on the existing environment and not change it during the process.

The unpredictability of nature and its forms has always inspired us to bring the unique and unrepeatable into the architectural project, these shots are a tribute to the dialogue between WOOD-SKIN and the natural forms we get inspired by” tell the founders of the brand Giulio Masotti, Susanna Todeschini e Niccolò Vigotti.

WOOD-SKIN, the Italian brand that fuses architecture, technological innovation, and coating, expands its range of Mesh Panel products with a new collection. Starting with entirely sustainable materials, Mesh Panels allow organic shapes to be traced in three dimensions thanks to smooth geometries of great resistance.

The WOOD-SKIN patents make Mesh Panels adaptable to any type of surface recreating the light effect of paper and fabrics and at the same time avoiding their greater perishability. The care taken in the choice of top quality materials distinguishes Mesh Panels from ordinary room coverings, guaranteeing their application to interiors and exteriors together with a refined look.

Whether applied to interior or exterior space, the mesh panels have a refined and sophisticated look – © Omar Sartor

Customers’ needs are a priority for WOOD-SKIN and for this reason they have the possibility to request the realization of tailor-made products that satisfy the most varied requests. In fact, the Mesh Panels are largely customizable from the WOOD-SKIN website. With Mesh Panels, the flagship of Made in Italy technology, cladding projects that might have seemed unfeasible turn out to be realizable in order to satisfy every customer. The motto “COMPLEXITY SOLVED” means just that: getting closer to what seemed unreachable.

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