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Your everyday tubular chair gets an exciting new upgrade

‘Chair No. 19’ by YUUE is a classic piece of aluminum furniture with a twist.

Exploring human-object relationships with a special emphasis on interactivity and emotion, Berlin-based studio YUUE crafts Chair No. 19 – a minimalistic prototype that reimagines the traditional tubular chair design. 

‘Chair No. 19’ by YUUE

“Created as an experiment with a vision of reimagining objects for daily life – my aim was to form a one-of-a-kind tripod chair with an aluminum tube” says Weng Xinyu, founder YUUE. 

Transforming ordinary furniture into sculptural objects – Xinyu reconstructs the three-legged metal chair typology. 

Designed with a focus to look different from every angle it brilliantly features a bold silhouette that combines curves with sharp geometric angles effortlessly creating a dialogue between straight and curved shapes. 

Giving this chair a dynamic look – the central design element is a curved aluminum tube. Following a movement of several twists and turns it traces and makes up the two rear legs and the voided backrest in a continuous loop. 


At the same time in unexpected ways – this tubular element from the legs seamlessly connects the seat with the third in two different spots. 

Contributing to the chair’s unique profile, the angled front leg hence anchors the design while additionally providing a counterpoint to the winding tube at the back and helps to secure the creative dipped seat. 

“The asymmetrical leg joints are another rational design decision that helps create its own unique aesthetic – adding to the fun of appreciating this chair from all angles” Xinyu adds.

Further establishing an interplay between negative and positive forms – the hollow backrest and the solid seat is defined by the same contour.

‘Chair No. 19’ by YUUE


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