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Unparalleled craftsmanship with innovative materials and finishes

Each piece of A&B Living’s furniture is handcrafted, emphasizing human skill and creating items of both substantial and symbolic value.

As A&B Living marks its fourth anniversary in 2024, it introduces a remarkable new collection showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship with innovative materials and finishes. This vibrant collection is a tribute to annual creative evolution, offering discerning collectors exquisite pieces of high-end cabinetmaking featuring a deliberate mix of materials.

Established for its bold and monumental designs, A&B Living has quickly captured the attention of Europe’s top galleries, boutiques, and design professionals. Founded in 2019 by Alessio Bernardini, A&B Living crafts distinctive finishes for exceptional design pieces. Drawing from a long tradition of woodworking, characteristic of the region’s furniture manufacturing heritage, the company combines this expertise with an in-depth understanding of materials and processes to produce unique surfaces and finishes. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted, emphasizing human skill and creating items of both substantial and symbolic value.

Bas Relief coffee table by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

This year, the collection expands with fifteen novel products, introducing fresh nuances and materials like straw marquetry, liquid metal, sandblasted cedar, gold leaf, glossy parchment, and beautifully blended ash and Canaletto walnut, fitting seamlessly into modern settings. This initiative embodies the essence of an ‘ideas factory,’ a unique space where innovative designers meet master artisans.

The 2024 lineup includes standout pieces by Philippe Nigro, featuring unique, sculptural designs. Here are his designs.

Arcade mirrors by Philippe Nigro

The Arcade mirrors feature frames made of solid walnut which enclose spaces for mirrors, solid and void areas, or exquisite straw marquetry finishes. These arches serve various functions—sometimes as frames for mirrors, sometimes as structural arches, sometimes as shelves, or even as empty spaces.” says the designer about the Arcade mirrors.

Arcade mirror by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living -2
Arcade mirror by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

Bas Relief coffee table by Philippe Nigro

The polished gold circle carved in bas-relief is set in stark contrast, like an imprint or fossil, within a square, in monolithic forms of dark sandblasted cedar with a prominent grain. Bas-relief is a series of modular coffee tables, whose shapes and proportions suggest a casual use, in perfect harmony with low seating near the ground. The bas-relief forms a composition, like a rolling and evolving landscape: it can be used as a large single table, or divided into four modules to create separate tables, coffee tables, or nightstands. Like a puzzle, they are modular and adaptable for changing spaces and uses.“, Philippe Nigro.

Bas Relief coffee table_03
Bas Relief coffee by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

Hatch bookcase by Philippe Nigro

Hatch is a bookshelf with compact proportions and simple lines. Its structure is designed like a frame, similar to that of a weaver, defining a pattern. It’s a graphic exercise that utilizes extensive cabinet-making expertise to assemble many small pieces of wood to create various patterns, offering the opportunity to develop numerous textures: in this case, in three shapes: Ligne, Chevron, and Damier. The frames applied to this open storage unit transform a simple object into one with strong character, playing on semi-transparency. This bookshelf can also function as a screen or room divider, suitable for placement in the center of a room.” Philippe Nigro

Hatch bookcase by Philippe Nigro for A&B Living

More new products by A&B Living

Additionally, young French designer Anthony Guerrée introduces Punto and Ritmo, two new upholstered lines that emphasize comfort and design. Alessio Bernardini, the CEO, adds his vision with Flo, transforming a commercially successful side table line into a strikingly proportioned new table.

Meanwhile, Francesco Citterio explores the material depth with Ápeiron, a versatile piece that doubles as both a coffee table and seat, crafted from solid ash and gold leaf. Designer Luca Barengo extends his Cushion table aesthetics to a new high sideboard, incorporating luxurious glossy parchment and liquid metal.

Finally, Alberto Vismara returns for a second collaboration, innovating with unique materials like woven straw marquetry and artistic paper in his new designs, Ottantotto and Mille, pushing the boundaries of traditional Italian furniture craftsmanship as only a company like A&B Living can do together with designers.


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