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Dreamlike products capturing the true essence of bubbles

Design studio Sunriu by Jing-Cyuan Tang delicately fabricates a conceptual Air-Shape pendant and wall lamp.

Specializing in one-of-a-kind furniture and objects – Sunriu by Taiwan-based industrial designer Jing-Cyuan Tang delicately fabricates a conceptual ‘Air-Shape’ pendant and wall lamp. 

“I once heard that if you want to know the shape of the wind, you just need to blow a huge bubble!

I simply try to see the bubbles in a different light and I think their uncertain form made of air undeniably makes them attractive – so I decided to capture exactly this as a design concept” says Tang.

At first, he brilliantly utilized the circular device that blows bubbles as – a visual portal from which the delicate shape seamlessly rises as well as a structure for placing LED strips, housing the actual lighting that sets the mood for this eclectic fixture.

Air-Shape by Sunriu
© Sunriu

This minimalistic light thus starts off with a metal ring skillfully integrated with LED’s to provide crisp, vibrant illumination while the upper section is paired with a bubble-like form. 

“I then started to slowly build the shapes to make it look like it was frozen in time, presenting the bubbles in iridescent glass – that’s why it looks so striking and fresh” Tang adds. 

Beautifully capturing the prismatic qualities of the bubble’s surface – this alluring bubble-like accent catches the light and bounces the rays accordingly to give it an extraordinary soapy appearance.

Effortlessly maintaining a whimsical feel, the rainbow appearance created by the light innovatively conveys a dreamlike aesthetic to figuratively and literally brighten up any living space.

Air-Shape by Sunriu
© Sunriu
© Sunriu


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