Moonraker speaker by Bossa: functionality meets a sleek design

The sound is rich and detailed in a way that brings you closer to your music than ever

California-based loudspeaker designer and manufacturer Bossa has a new loudspeaker system – the Moonraker speaker – that pays homage to mid-century design aesthetics. With over 100 years of combined engineering experience, the Californian company makes products that are visually appealing and provide spectacular quality at the same time.

Bossa Moonraker Speaker - product design - DesignWanted

Moonraker speaker: a minimalist design and incredible sound quality

Form meets function in this quality sound system. The two-speaker, wireless sound system produce pristine sound. Moonraker speaker’s beautiful, minimalist design delivers a visual impact that is on the same level as the sound quality. Every detail in the speakers is functional and pays homage to modernist traditions.

For a person who is passionate about music and design, these speakers offer the best of both worlds. The speakers’ curved polymer shell is a perfect example of aesthetic beauty that serves an exceptional function. The shell’s form is carefully engineered to minimize resonance and diffraction. The result is a sound with exceptional quality and a remarkable lack of harshness.

Bossa Moonraker Speaker - product design - DesignWanted

The sound is rich and detailed in a way that brings you closer to your music than ever Moonraker’s speaker has an easy-to-use controller that takes away all the superfluous functions that a typical user won’t need.

The same minimalist approach that is used for the speakers is applied to the controls, which results in intuitive controls that follow the same unwritten rules of simplicity.

Bluetooth connectivity means that the speakers can be easily paired with almost any digital device that you might need to use to stream music.

Bossa Moonraker Speaker - product design - DesignWanted

Handcrafted to the Finest Details

Handmade in California by some of the most skilled craftsmen, the Moonraker speaker by Bossa set is made to perfection with the highest quality materials and fine craftsmanship.

Black Walnut, Reclaimed Teak, and White Ash are the available wood varieties for the speakers’ stands. The available wood choices provide a color variety that makes the speakers a perfect fit wherever you place them.


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