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When Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers founded Moooi in 2001, their shared vision was to establish a brand that would become legendary. Over the past two decades, Moooi has consistently captivated and enticed the global audience with its awe-inspiring and groundbreaking designs. The inclusion of an extra “O” in Moooi symbolizes the brand’s commitment to offering something beyond ordinary, embodying beauty and uniqueness.

Their collection remains perpetually original, defying expectations with its unpredictability, eclecticism, rebellious spirit, and sophistication. Striking a delicate balance between commercial viability and cultural significance, their meticulously curated range encompasses lighting, furniture, and accessories that transcend the limits of ordinary interiors.

These carefully selected pieces not only define the character of spaces but also infuse them with an unexpected touch of creativity and beauty, which is always warmly embraced and appreciated.