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These stunning objects celebrate women and embrace the diversity of nature

Experimenting with a wide range of techniques – Andrea Kollar beautifully crafts alluring ceramic vases.

Aiming to transmit peace, gentleness, acceptance and inclusivity – Austrian born artist Andrea Kollar experiments with one-of-a-kind techniques to fabricate breathtaking ‘ceramic vases’

Skillfully focusing on simplicity and minimalism – her visual language is defined by reducing the shapes of the female body to a minimum of lines while intensifying sensuality and expression. 

“We value self-love and love for our surroundings. It’s our essence to embrace the diversity of nature, celebrate women in all skin tones as well as all body shapes since every single one is truly beautiful” says Kollar. 

© Andrea Kollar

With the ceramic vases brilliantly designed and handmade in the studio in Vienna – the supply chain is kept short, avoiding unnecessary long transport routes. 

Producing on-site effortlessly allows them to – get in touch with everyone involved at any time, directly see how the production is going as well as solve any challenges.

Striving to keep the consumption of resources low – they always produce in small editions utilizing natural materials, so that there are minimal waste products. 

For them – sustainability is a holistic concept that should be applied in all areas. 

Instead of plastic-based packaging, they additionally use recycled cardboard, print only on recycled paper with environmentally friendly inks. 

“Our vases are created to make one happy as long as possible. Therefore it’s self-evident that we give in everything to make our pieces high-quality and as durable as possible” Kollar adds. 

© Andrea Kollar
© Andrea Kollar


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