8 well-designed and smart crypto wallets for storing your assets

These clever designs revolutionize accessibility to digital assets and provide a safe way to keep your cryptocurrencies

When first diving into the world of cryptocurrencies, a question that pops into most people’s minds is ‘Where can I store my investments?’ The answer is simple – in your crypto-wallets. But getting a well-designed crypto wallet is not as easy as it sounds. 

How can you find a product that is safe, functional, and aesthetic? Is it even possible? We’re here to tell you – it is.

Below, you’ll find a list of our favorite crypto-wallets, which function the same way ordinary wallets would, except they can only store virtual currencies.

1. Material bitcoin

The first on our list is Material bitcoin, which describes itself as the safest bitcoin wallet in the world. While you can argue whether that’s true, there’s certainly no question that the product ticks all the important boxes. 

Material bitcoin is unbreakable, waterproof, flame-retardant, and hack-proof. That’s pretty much all you could ask for, right?

Material bitcoin / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

2. Ledger Nano X

If you’re not new to the cryptocurrency world, you’ve probably heard about Ledger. The France-based company has the largest market share in the hardware wallet market, and Ledger Nano X is the basis for its enormous success. 

The product allows its users to easily manage cryptocurrencies and generate and restore their seed phrases. What’s more, it can be connected to smartphones and PCs using Bluetooth and USB.

Ledger Nano X - 8 well-designed crypto wallets for storing your assets
Ledger Nano X / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

3. Trezor Model T

Let’s be honest – we’re living at a time when most of us have too many things and possessions. For those who lack space, Trezor Model T will be a convenient wallet that’s smart in both design and features.

The product has quite a large touchscreen, and when integrated with Metamask, it can be utilized for securely managing NFTs. 

Trezor Model T / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

4. CoolWallet S

If you’re searching for a crypto-wallet that doesn’t look like one, CoolWallet S will be an excellent pick. The product is designed to look similar to traditional credit cards, plus it is waterproof. Thanks to the wallet’s Bluetooth support, you can manage it through any device that supports Bluetooth.

CoolWallet S offers two things that are important for any crypto wallet – portability and security.

CoolWallet S / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

5. SecuX V20

Who said crypto-wallets couldn’t be functional and look good at the same time? Providing security and pleasing aesthetics, SecuX V20 is stylish, practical and includes a premium metal exterior.

You can use the crypto wallet to store your private keys and PIN codes, and be rest assured, they will remain private. Compared to other products on the market, SecuX V20 is larger in size, however, the responsive touchscreen makes up for it.

SecuX V20 - 8 well-designed crypto wallets for storing your assets
SecuX V20 / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

6. Coinkite ColdCard Mk4

The main purpose of crypto wallets, of course, is security. Coinkite ColdCard Mk4 is a product that prioritizes the safety of crypto investors. The wallet is developed around open-source software and high-security hardware.

With an OLED display and a numeric keypad, it’s a product that stands out among the rest. However, it’s important to note Coinkite ColdCard only supports Bitcoin.

Coinkite ColdCard Mk4 - 8 well-designed crypto wallets for storing your assets
Coinkite ColdCard Mk4 / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

7. Ledger Stax

To produce Ledger Stax, the tech company teamed up with design studio Layer and Tony Fadell. The credit card-sized device can store digital keys needed to encrypt and decrypt crypto assets offline. 

Furthermore, users can also use Ledger Stax to view their NFTs through the device. With its e-ink screen that wraps around the surface and intuitive touch interaction, Ledger Stax elevates the experience of using a crypto-wallet.

Ledger Stax - 8 well-designed crypto wallets for storing your assets
Ledger Stax by LAYER and Tony Fadell / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

8. Trove

Another impressive project of design studio Layer is Trove. Collaborating with the fintech startup, Layer offers a digital wallet and app system that is unhackable and (almost) impossible to lose. 

The company’s creation consists of four parts – Coin, Keep, Safe, and the Trove App. What you see in the photo is Coin – a small wearable device that functions just as a wallet. Since it’s just two centimeters wide, it can be worn like jewelry.

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Trove - 8 well-designed crypto wallets for storing your assets
Trove by LAYER / 8 well-designed crypto wallets

End notes

As cryptocurrencies become more popular by the day, the demand for safe crypto wallets will certainly increase. Already now, we see exciting product designs that provide security and aesthetics, proving that something as seemingly complicated as cryptocurrencies can be utilized in a simple way.


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