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Désirée’s latest collections combine sharp accents and minimalist appeal to create ‘cosy’ moments

Italian company’s newest products designed by Tobia Scarpa and design duo, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez.

Désirée‘s latest furniture collections go beyond mere embellishments. With a commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, the Italian furniture brand seeks to create catalysts for shared experiences designed to spark dialogue and inspire connection. Join us as we delve into these exquisite creations that seamlessly blend form and function in the pursuit of a more engaging and delightful living experience.

Ciàcola by renowned Italian architect Tobia Scarpa is Désirée’s newest masterpiece collection. It comprises a table and a folding chair, and marks Scarpa’s debut collaboration with the brand, promising a harmonious blend of simplicity, functionality, and a touch of Venetian charm.

Ciàcola collection by Tobia Scarpa – © Désirée

The collection derives its evocative name, Ciàcola, from the Venetian term ‘ciàcolare,’ meaning ‘to chat.’ This resonant name reflects the essence of the collection, which draws inspiration from the conversations that Venetian ladies are known to have from window to window. This linguistic connection creates a powerful link between the masterful design and the cultural roots shared by Tobia Scarpa and the Gruppo Euromobil, both hailing from the Veneto countryside.

Comprising two distinct yet complementary elements, the Ciàcola collection is ingeniously designed as a system, allowing the table and folding chair to coexist or stand alone as individual pieces of functional art. This synergy between form and function is a testament to Scarpa’s ingenuity and Désirée‘s commitment to delivering furniture that transcends mere utility.

Ciàcola collection by Tobia Scarpa – © Désirée

The Ciàcola table boasts a generously sized top crafted from thick transparent glass, paying homage to the mesmerizing waters of the Venetian canals. The walnut wood base, with its intersecting legs forming an elegant “X” shape, adds a touch of sophistication and structural integrity to the design. This exquisite piece serves not only as a functional surface but as a visual ode to the rich cultural heritage of the Veneto region.

Accompanying the table is the Ciàcola folding chair, a true archetype of design simplicity. Crafted entirely from wood, the chair’s base mimics the same “X” pattern found in the table, creating a visual harmony between the two elements. The chair’s charm is further enhanced by the ever-changing patterns of the wood grain, adding a dynamic and organic dimension to its aesthetic appeal.

Ciàcola collection by Tobia Scarpa – © Désirée

Ciàcola represents a celebration of territory and a tribute to the casual, light, and informal gatherings that have shaped the Venetian way of life. This collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to refined hospitality, weaving a common thread through the brand’s diverse portfolio.

Meanwhile, a collaborative design by the acclaimed duo Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez offers a sophisticated addition to the company’s catalogue. The Sheridan sofa not only showcases the brand’s core values—attention to detail, quality, and comfort—but also reflects a production philosophy that intertwines tailoring with cutting-edge technological innovation.

Sheridan collection by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez – © Désirée

Sheridan features pure lines and subtle decorativism, an embodiment of Désirée’s commitment to creating living spaces that go beyond mere functionality. Crafted with meticulous precision, the sofa boasts squared lines, wide seats, and an irresistibly tactile upholstery that invites touch and exploration. The elegant creasing tracing the sofa’s profile and the bronze-painted metal base create a luminous interplay with the upholstery.

Designed for unparalleled comfort, the sofa boasts a trapezoidal backrest mirroring the armrest, joining a seat with customizable cushioning. The generous 100 cm deep side ensures a cocoon-like cosiness, inviting individuals to unwind and engage in moments of relaxation.

Sheridan collection by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez – © Désirée

Versatility takes centre stage as the Sheridan sofa offers removable upholstery in fabric or leather, catering to diverse preferences in pursuit of comfort. Additionally, a wooden and marble top adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing a convenient surface for books, magazines, or anything else needed to aid relaxation. From linear to modular configurations, the Sheridan sofa adapts effortlessly to different spaces, offering a personalised touch to any interior. 

As we explore both the Sheridan sofa and the Ciàcola capsule collection, we discover not just pieces of furniture but the brand’s ongoing commitment to redefine the boundaries of comfort and elegance in contemporary living. Désirée specialises in crafting upholstered furniture for both living and sleeping spaces, and has been an integral part of the Euromobil Group since 1995. 

Sheridan collection by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez – © Désirée

By integrating sartorial details and technological innovation, as well as marrying beauty with functionality, it collaborates with globally acclaimed designers. Together, they create pieces that are not only contemporary but also possess a timeless quality, ensuring they remain relevant and adaptable to the evolving needs of today’s discerning clientele.

In Ciàcola, Tobia Scarpa has successfully crafted not just pieces of furniture but an architectural symphony that pays homage to the cultural heritage of the Veneto region while offering a contemporary and elegant solution for modern living spaces. Meanwhile, the Sheridan sofa blends form and function to curate a living experience that is not just luxurious but an engaging and delightful dialogue between aesthetics and comfort.


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