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Enjoy these 5 creative space dividers for small and big rooms

Create rooms within rooms: these smartly designed space dividers help use every square meter more practically and efficiently

In both limited and huge spaces, a smart divider can make all the difference. When used in the right way, it can help create distinct living areas and provide privacy where necessary. To get the most out of any floor plan, it’s among the easiest and best tools to use. But nowadays, space dividers can serve more than just a practical purpose. They can add to a room’s aesthetics too. 

We invite you to look at some of the coolest space dividers on the market.

1. Ro room divider by Mia Cullin

Sweden-based designer Mia Cullin has crafted a brilliant room divider that can effortlessly adapt to any space. Combining clean, simplistic geometric shapes with a painted aluminum structure, her proposed product is strikingly beautiful and surprisingly functional. 

As the designer reveals, she’s always had an interest in traditional craftsmanship. She believes any product produced should be first challenged with a series of questions. Does it tell a story? Does it have a personality?

The Ro room divider is available in a variety of wood and leather types. The user can choose whether to have a more open or closed divider.

Ro room divider by Mia Cullin
Ro room divider by Mia Cullin / 5 creative room dividers

2. Softwall by molo

An unusual concept for a space divider is the creation of molo. The softwall is made of paper and can be reshaped for different uses. Place it as a backdrop for your presentation or take advantage of its ability to create an intimate setting – it will serve its purpose well.

Utilizing kraft paper, the Vancouver-based studio provides a sustainable alternative to building, which is both efficient and delightful. Behind the project are Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, who are known to create unique products that cross disciplinary boundaries.

Softwall by molo
Softwall by molo / 5 creative room dividers

3. Mirage by Inter faces Studio

Wish to spice up your space in just a few seconds? Mirage – the creative project by Interfaces Studio – will do the trick. The impressive product is something between textile and furniture. Made of two tubes and textile strips, it has a simple system that can be used for creating intimacy in shared spaces.

While highly practical, Mirage is playful too, With an intuitive gesture, it can open or close, depending on your needs. 

Mirage room divider by Inter faces Studio
Mirage by Inter faces Studio / 5 creative room dividers

4. BreaZea by Crafting Plastics and Office MMK

One of the smartest examples of excellent room dividers is the collaborative work of design studios Crafting Plastics and Office MMK. Created for Salone del Mobile, BreaZea is a scent-infused 3D-printed room divider that uses Nuatan bioplastics. 

According to the designers, they were looking for ways to give a new identity to bioplastics. BreaZea is specifically made from cornstarch and sugar. Once it’s heated, it gets a sweet, tasty smell.

BreaZea by Crafting Plastics and Office MMK
BreaZea by Crafting Plastics and Office MMK / 5 creative room dividers

5. Room Divider by Dutch Invertuals

Simple, functional, and eye-catching. The Room Divider is an excellent solution for both private and public spaces. Thanks to the high-quality finish, the product will easily blend into any environment. 

Dutch Invertuals – a Netherland-based company – has done the project, paying special attention to color and material. Within the collection, you will find room dividers in four shapes: The Circle, The Oval, The Crescent, and The Diamond.

Room Divider by Dutch Invertuals
Room Divider by Dutch Invertuals

End notes

Room dividers are a fantastic tool for making a space more functional. When beautifully designed, they can provide privacy, separate rooms and zones, and even hide areas you don’t want other eyes to see. But that’s not all. If you pick one of these creative projects, it will serve another purpose. 

Masterfully crafted space dividers can become a decorating focus point. After all – when something looks good, you can’t help but admire it!


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