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The dimension of Dusk clock is bound to the Golden Ratio

It continuously changes shades depending on the time of day. A visual spectacle from dusk till dawn

Inspired by the simplicity of Mother Nature, there are no unnecessary decorative elements in this clock. Only clean, monochromatic aesthetics that are both soothing and easy on the eyes. The Dusk clock’s face changes its shade from transparent to opaque depending on the time of the day.

Looping from dark to transparent, the Dusk brings variation in its minimalist design.

Dusk Clock by allocacoc

The dimension of Dusk clock is bound to the Golden Ratio

So common throughout nature’s form – ferns, flowers, seashells – the harmony of the Golden Ratio arises from its unique capacity to connect individual parts of a whole so that each retains its own identity and yet blends into the greater pattern of a single whole.

Incredibly easy to install and calibrates to any time zone, Dusk is the epitome of beauty linked to harmony.

Dusk Clock by allocacoc

Whether you are a night owl or morning lark, this clock combines the essence of Nature and Art into the cycle of time.

The Dusk clock is a project by allocacoc, an industrial design company based in Delft, Netherlands. See more on Kickstarter.

Dusk Clock by allocacoc

The DUSK boasts a sleek and simple design, concealing an intricate mechanism that enables the entire clock face to transition seamlessly between transparency and opacity, mimicking the colors of the sky.

From dawn to dusk, the DUSK undergoes a captivating cycle, transitioning from darkness to transparency, then returning to darkness once more, mirroring the sun’s journey as it rises, reaches its zenith, and sets again.


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