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How does it feel to sleep suspended in the air? Here are 5 modern floating beds

Contemporary bedrooms now feature floating beds, which are sturdy and built to last. Their suspended design not only adds a touch of futuristic charm but also maximizes floor space, making them a perfect choice for compact urban dwellings.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep as if suspended in the air? Thanks to the innovative work of bed manufacturers, this can, in a way, become a reality. Floating beds are a great way to add a contemporary touch to your bedroom. Nowadays, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find an eye-catching piece for your modern space.

They are a striking blend of elegance and innovation, revolutionizing the concept of sleep and interior design. Floating beds create an illusion of weightlessness as they seemingly defy gravity, suspended in mid-air. Crafted with sleek, minimalist designs and utilizing advanced engineering, they provide a seamless aesthetic, seamlessly integrating into any contemporary living space.

Supported by hidden steel cables or magnetic levitation technology, these beds offer a unique sleeping experience, enhancing comfort and relaxation. Their suspended design not only adds a touch of futuristic charm but also maximizes floor space, making them a perfect choice for compact urban dwellings.

The Fluttua Bed by LAGO

When you look at the impressive Fluttua floating bed, you can’t help but wonder – how does it work? The beautiful bed, which was first released in 2004, seems to have it all. It promotes lightness (without being “too cold”), evokes your emotions, and certainly catches the eye.

To create the floating look, LAGO used a single central leg and a metal frame, which has one side attached to the wall. These elements hold an 8 mm base in High-Pressure Laminate on which you place the mattress.

LAGO Fluttua Bed - 5 modern floating beds

Nordik platform bed by Nexera

If you are looking for a floating bed frame that appears suspended from above, the design by Nexera will surely impress you. The Nordik platform bed has a sleek, laminate finish. Available in several color choices like walnut, maple, ebony, black and white, this frame has an overall natural appearance. 

Furthermore, it’s surprisingly lightweight, too – while the product weighs just around 45 kilos, it provides all the support you need.

@ Nexera

Floyd Platform Bed

This minimalist floating bed frame not only boasts a modern look but is also eco-friendly. In fact, it is made of grade-A plywood, which doesn’t release toxic fumes in the production process. 

What’s great, the modular platform frame bed features panels that can be removed and added as you wish. That means you can customize it to your needs, making it a Twin, Queen, or King. Thanks to the several color options available, it can be matched to any aesthetic.

@ Floyd

Sydney Floating Bed by Saatva

For a more contemporary look, the Saatva Sydney floating bed frame won’t disappoint. When you combine the recessed legs together with the beautiful upholstered bed frame, you get a result that’s pleasing to the eyes and seems almost futuristic.

Instead of using slats, the bed frame rests on an upholstered platform. Simple, modern elegance at its best – this is how you can describe it.

@ Saatva

Folk Bed by Shabby Chic

This Folk Bed by Shabby Chic is a perfect choice for a boho-chic interior. Handmade of reclaimed pine, the bed frame may include knots, cracks, and holes, but that’s completely normal for its natural characteristics. In fact, this only adds to the beachy, vintage feel of it.

If you are a romantic at heart (or simply hope to add a bit of coziness to your bedroom), the Folk Bed will be a great addition.

Folk bed - 5 modern floating beds
© Shabby Chic

End notes

Those tired of traditional bed frames will undoubtedly be impressed with floating beds, which can’t help but be the center of attention in any room. Often, they are an excellent solution not just because they look elegant but also because they can help save space.


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