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Wishbone chair is inspired by nautical aesthetics

Fritsch + Durisotti is a french creative studio from a long practice of industrial design driven by curiosity and new challenges

Under a nautical influence, the designers revisited braiding in this “seamanship” exercise, creating the Wishbone chair. Innovative products, remarkable services, and memorable experiences are the result of continuous collaborative work with the clients.

In addition to these client services, the studio reserves moments of freedom to dream and imagine projects that break with each other, free from market constraints and inspiring on a daily basis, Fritsch + Durisotti developed the Free Expressions.

Wishbone chair is inspired by nautical aesthetics

Growing and helping the studio to share a positive vision of the future. This approach to design imposes the expression of a point of view that gives meaning to our creations.

Wishbone chair and rocking chair for Roche Bobois was designed under a nautical influence. A furniture exercise which brilliantly produced a unique piece of design. The rigging makes the structure of the Wishbone chair disappear for aerial comfort, outdoor as well as indoor version.

FRITSCH+DURISOTTI is a creation studio that stemmed from extensive practice in industrial design. Use and users are the cornerstones of their approach.

Innovative products, outstanding services and memorable experiences are the result of collaborative work with the clients they work with. You can see more of their project on their website and tell us what you think about their style.


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