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Believing in the power of conscious sustainable design, Blond skillfully crafts Fold – a useful, universal and versatile wireless charger.

Brilliantly spotting a gap in the market and believing in the power of conscious design, London-based creative studio Blond skillfully crafts ‘Fold’ – a useful, universal and versatile wireless charger. 

Enabling a user to charge up to three products simultaneously – this innovative device can fold into several configurations, from a phone stand and a compact, portable-friendly stack to best suit current requirements.

The inspiration behind designing Fold came in response to seeing a lack of genuinely portable multi-chargers on the market that are not environmentally-friendly and are virtually impossible to repair, reuse or recycle” says Founder James Melia.

Exploring how the smart digital technology world could approach creating more sustainable objects – this conceptual product raises awareness of the environmental impact of electronics.

© Blond

Fold’s multi-functionality and endless benefits leads one to – own fewer charging devices therefore allowing one to further play their part in helping reduce the impact of electronic waste on the environment.

With product longevity in mind and form following function, it’s been seamlessly stripped back to its most fundamental necessities – crafting an almost skeletal aesthetic. 

Highlighting the technology contained within – this eclectic object’s elements, specifically the soft silicone mat and plastic casings are fabricated in minimalistic forms that are either transparent or translucent with the sheer ability to almost fade into the background.

“As a result, consumers are more aware of their impact and would potentially be more inclined to explore upgrading options rather than throwing out the whole mat” Melia adds. 

Its one-of-a-kind futuristic structure allows one access to fastening methods so the product can be effortlessly taken apart to be upgraded or maintained – as charging technology relentlessly moves on.

Fold by Blond
© Blond
Fold by Blond
© Blond


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