Lighting design

A knitted lamp reminding of a traditional lamp one

Much lighter and colorful, it is a playful piece of design for any apartment or studio

The Knitted Lamp, a creation of Studio Meike, boasts a composition of polyester yarn and acrylic elements. This unique luminary presents a transparent knitted design that encapsulates the familiar silhouette associated with conventional lamps.

Crafted by being stretched across an acrylic frame, the pliable material assumes the role of the lamp’s body through tension, resulting in an appearance that is both luminous and exquisitely delicate.

When placed within a room, the lamp’s transparency interplays with surrounding objects, casting an almost ethereal, ghost-like impression. To ensure a distinct silhouette, the mesh is securely fastened beneath the lamp shade and pedestal, providing a defined and striking contour.

Knitted Lamp by Studio Meike
Knitted lamp by Meike Harde

Remarkably, the stretchable material retains its uniform surface at all times. Unlike typical textiles, it remains free from wrinkles, maintaining its pristine appearance. Instead, the knitted structure can be subtly altered, transitioning between a lighter, more open mesh and a tightly woven configuration by adjusting the diameter of the knit.

This adaptability adds a fascinating dimension to the lamp’s aesthetics, allowing it to harmonize effortlessly with varying interior design preferences.

As a result, the Knitted Lamp not only challenges the boundaries of conventional design but also invites us to reimagine the interplay of light, texture, and form in our living spaces.

About the Studio behind the Knitted lamp

Hailing from Saarbrücken, Germany, Meike Harde stands out as a talented designer at the youthful age of twenty-six. Her journey in the realm of design began when she completed her education at HBK Saar in 2011. Following this pivotal step, she embarked on an enriching internship with the esteemed Studio Benjamin Hubert, where she honed her skills and garnered valuable insights.

Knitted Lamp by Studio Meike
Knitted lamp by Meike Harde

Armed with a passion for innovation and a burgeoning creative spirit, Meike Harde took the bold step of establishing her own design studio in 2013. This move marked not only her dedication to the craft but also her aspiration to carve a distinctive path in the world of design. Since then, her studio has served as a dynamic playground for her ideas, a space where her imagination intertwines with her skills to give birth to creations that resonate with a sense of originality and purpose.

From her initial educational years to her immersive internship experience and the establishment of her eponymous studio, Meike Harde’s journey is a testament to her determination, ambition, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. As she continues to evolve, her work stands as a testament to her ability to transform innovative concepts into tangible, impactful realities.


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