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A unique product aiding independence in old age

​​Analyzing the social impact of her product – Sarah Hossli brilliantly crafts armchair Lotte.

Driven by interest and passion in today’s cultural, societal and ethical topics – Switzerland-based Sarah Hossli designs an armchair ‘Lotte’

“This was my diploma project, developed by closely working with relevant experts during my master studies at ECAL” says Hossli. 

Several elderly people face problems sitting down and standing up, mainly due to worn out, painful joints and the degradation of the musculature – especially when the chairs seat is low and there are no backrests. 

Skillfully featuring an elegant and homely appearance that avoids any stigmatizing association – Hossli’s Lotte project comes in.

Lotte by Sarah Hossli
© Sarah Hossli

This minimalistic piece of furniture effortlessly fulfills functional and ergonomic requirements, as well as captivates with its aesthetic – such that it would be utilized outside of healthcare facilities. 

Seamlessly fabricated with a warm wooden base, textile-covered seat and back cushions – it’s easy to dismantle it in the need for refurbishment. 

The bottom layer of the foam is quite dense whereas the softer one on top creates a comfortable sitting angle and its rebound force supports standing up.

© Sarah Hossli

Water repellent, antibacterial and incontinence resistant – this eclectic objects fabric is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Its armrests – the most striking feature rises slightly towards the front and is elongated, making it easier to stand up and sit down in a position with minimal resistance. 

“Wrapping around the body of the chair like a railing – it lends itself to support and makes it easier for cleaners and caregivers, for example, to handle the chair” Hossli adds. 

Additionally – this products backrests are further shaped so that it can be grasped securely.

© Sarah Hossli
Lotte by Sarah Hossli
© Sarah Hossli


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