Lighting design can be minimal but with a strong emotional layout

M-Lamp series by Anastassiya Leonova, Kazakhstan-based designer from Filo.

Anastassiya Leonova is the founder and creative director of Filo, a Kazakhstan-based design studio.

Design is a life style existing in objects which surround us. Designer is the soul creator for these objects.


M-Lamp is a play about three forms. Each one of these narrating its story. A story about its owner.

The lamps done with natural polished wood and covered with lacquer.


We use LED as the main light source” said Anastassiya.


It is hidden under translucent glass or acrylic cover.


On her website you can read the following:

Nowadays there is no visual image of Kazakhstan in the world of design, along with the production eco-system and specific education…

Our mission is to form worthy a representation of Kazakh design through the expression in our works and develop the productions step by step

M-Lamp is absolutely a great answer to her mission.

Wonderful products like these grab attention; the digital world helps designers to reach influencers very fast.

We are sure that she will successfully turn her goals into reality.

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