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M-Lamp design series is minimal, but with a strong emotional layout

M-Lamp series by Anastassiya Leonova, Kazakhstan-based designer from Filo.

Anastassiya Leonova, designer of the M-Lamp series, is the founder and creative director of Filo, a Kazakhstan-based design studio.

Möbius band-shaped M-lamps resemble radiant celestial bodies suspended above you. Crafted by hand, each lamp possesses its own distinctive character. The layers of plywood are meticulously shaped by hand, meticulously refined, and adorned with walnut veneer and lacquer, resulting in an exceedingly elegant presentation for these illuminated artworks.

Concealed beneath the acrylic cover, an embedded LED strip suffuses a calming white glow, and the lamps are available in three distinct designs that appear to convey a unique narrative to their owners.

We use LED as the main light source” said Anastassiya. It is hidden under translucent glass or acrylic cover. On her website you can read the following:

Nowadays there is no visual image of Kazakhstan in the world of design, along with the production eco-system and specific education. Our mission is to form worthy a representation of Kazakh design through the expression in our works and develop the productions step by step

The lamp production process involves three sequential stages. Initially, a skilled artisan constructs a shape using multiple plywood layers, securing them together and allowing time for the assembly to dry. Subsequently, they engage in smoothing and proceed to add another layer.

Upon completion, LED integration takes place, accompanied by the addition of an acrylic cover. The subsequent phase encompasses the application of veneer and the meticulous application of lacquer.

M-Lamp lighting series by Sredalab is absolutely a great answer to her mission.

Wonderful products like these grab attention; the digital world helps designers to reach influencers very fast. We are sure that she will successfully turn her goals into reality.

Sredalab is a laboratory born from the environment that surrounds the designers, where they experiment with shapes, appearance and functionality, and try to find the ideal formula of “aesthetics + functionality + reliability”.


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