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M-Lamp design series is minimal, but with a strong emotional layout

M-Lamp series by Anastassiya Leonova, Kazakhstan-based designer from Filo.

Anastassiya Leonova, designer of the M-Lamp series, is the founder and creative director of Filo, a Kazakhstan-based design studio.

Design is a life style existing in objects which surround us. Designer is the soul creator for these objects.

M-Lamp is a play about three forms. Each one of these narrating its story. A story about its owner.

The lamps done with natural polished wood and covered with lacquer.

© M-Lamp by FILO

We use LED as the main light source” said Anastassiya.

It is hidden under translucent glass or acrylic cover.

On her website you can read the following:

Nowadays there is no visual image of Kazakhstan in the world of design, along with the production eco-system and specific education.

Our mission is to form worthy a representation of Kazakh design through the expression in our works and develop the productions step by step

M-Lamp design series by Anastassiya Leonova
© M-Lamp by FILO

M-Lamp lighting series by FILO is absolutely a great answer to her mission.

Wonderful products like these grab attention; the digital world helps designers to reach influencers very fast.

We are sure that she will successfully turn her goals into reality.

SREDALAB (former FILO) is a laboratory born from the environment that surrounds the designers, where they experiment with shapes, appearance and functionality, and try to find the ideal formula of “aesthetics + functionality + reliability”.


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